Boots&Hat Easy Step Sheet

Let Me Get Mine

1& 2& 3&4 5&6 7 8
kick & kick & rock-recover- XIB-side-XIF turn step
(R)-R (L)-L R-L-R L-R-L R L
1&2 3& 4& 5&6 7 8
shuffle rock-back back-back coaster step kick kick
R-L-R L-R L-R L-R-L (R) (R)
1&2 3 4 5&6 7&8
sailor step point point XIF-recover-side XIF-recover-side
R-L-R onR (L) onR (L) L-R-L R-L-R
1&2 3&4 5& 6& 7& 8&
rock-back- step--step rock-back back-recover rock-back sweep-step
L-R-L R-L-R L-R L-R L-R (L)-L
XIF = cross in front , XIB = cross in back

Last update '05/7/27

Let Me Get Mine

Choreographed by Katie Adams
Description:	32 count, 2 wall, intermediate line dance
Music:	Get Mine, Get Yours by Christina Aguilera

1&2& 	Kick right forward, replace right, kick left forward, replace left
3&4 	 Rock forward right, recover back left, step 1/4 right with right foot
5&6 	 Step left behind right, step right to right side, step left across right
7-8 	 Ronde right foot a 1/4 left, roll hips to the left once, end with weight on left

1&2 	 Shuffle forward right, left, right
3&4& 	Rock forward left, recover back on right, step back left, step back right
5&6 	 Coaster step left, right, left
7-8 	 Kick right foot forward, 1/4 right kicking right foot out to right side

1&2 	Sailor step right, left, right
3-4 	1/4 to right pointing left to left side, 1/2 to right pointing left out to left side
5&6 	Cross rock left over right, recover right, step left to left side
7&8 	Cross rock right over left, recover left, step right to right side

1&2 	 Rock forward left, recover back onto right, 1/2 to left with left foot
3&4 	 Step forward right, pivot 1/2 left, step forward onto right
5&6& 	Rock forward left, recover back right, step back left, recover forward right
7&8& 	Rock forward left, recover back right, sweep left 1/2 to left with leg raised, step onto left


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