ブルー色のダンスは、Easy Step Sheet(ESS)あり、改訂2018年5月6日。 (*)はOLD Days Dance
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.1411 Wild Card 18 32 Tina Argyle & Karl-Harry Winson'18/3/11山浦美穂-
No.1410 Make You Stay 40 Daniel Trepat, J.K. & Roy Verdonk'18/2/28渡辺未央-
No.1409 Don't Stay For Me 48 Fred Whitehouse, Jose M.Belloque Vane & '18/2/28渡辺未央ANI
No.1408 No Stress 32 Shane McKeever'18/2/24田村かおる-
No.1407 Amore Mio (My Love) 32 Junghye Yoon, Linedancequeen Korea'18/2/21渡辺未央-
No.1406 Landslide 32 Dee Musk'18/2/18友原真美-
No.1405 Pull You Through32 Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson Szymanski'18/2/18高野啓子ANI
No.1404 I Won't Back Down 40 Rachael McEnaney'18/2/18真鍋博-
No.1403 Hey 32 Ira Weisburd'18/2/10田村かおるANI
No.1402 Perfect 32 Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot'18/1/31渡辺未央-
No.1401 All The Same (aka We Danced) 16 Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps'18/1/17渡辺未央ANI
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.1400 Part-time Girlfriend 84 Scott Blevins, Joey Warren and Guyton Mundy'18/1/13田村かおる
No.1399 Tell The Truth! 32 Roy Hadisubroto, Fiano M., Niels Poulsen'17/12/13渡辺未央-
No.1398 Jingle Bell Rock 32 Miho Yamaura'17/12/4山浦美穂-
No.1397 Keep Hanging On 32 Ria Bos'17/12/4加藤洋子-
No.1396 My Christmas Jive 64 Nancy Lee'17/12/2田村かおるANI
No.1395 Star Ring Waltz 24 Toshiko Kawamoto'17/12/2田村かおる-
No.1394 Sweet Caroline 56 Darren Bailey'17/11/26Debbie Rushton -
No.1393 Crybaby 64 Gary O’Reilly & Helen O'Malley'17/11/26Gary O’Reilly
No.1392 People Are Good 64 Gary O’Reilly '17/11/26Gary O’Reilly -
No.1391 To The Moon & Back 32 Debbie Rushton & Gary O’Reilly'17/11/26Debbie Rushton
No.1390 South Australia 32 Gary O’Reilly '17/11/26Gary O’Reilly -
No.1389 Chameleon Heart 32 Debbie Rushton & Jannle T.A.'17/11/25Debbie Rushton
No.1388 Too Sexy 136 Debbie Rushton'17/11/25Debbie Rushton -
No.1387 Tension 64 Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher'17/11/25Gary O’Reilly
No.1386 Beautiful Wonderful 48 Debbie Rushton & Jannle T.A.'17/11/25Debbie Rushton
No.1385 Funk The Preacher Man 32 Gary O’Reilly '17/11/25Gary O’Reilly
No.1384 Love Me Or Leave Me Alone 48 Michael Barr'17/11/12小笠原真麻-
No.1383 Slow Burn 17 40 Maddison Glover'17/11/12田村かおるANI
No.1382 I Just Want You 64 Shaun Parr and Mallaurie Gysels'17/11/12黒沢克實-
No.1381 She's Gone 64 Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahlgren & Jef Camps'17/11/5木崎洋子-
No.1380 Summertime Funk 80 Tim Johnson'17/11/1渡辺未央
No.1379 Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)32 Gary O’Reilly '17/10/28田村かおるANI
No.1378 Hurts Like A Cha Cha 64 Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat & Fred Whitehouse'17/10/25渡辺未央
No.1377 Final Fantasy 48 Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk'17/10/18渡辺未央
No.1376 Chunky 32 Rebecca Lee'17/10/14Rebecca Lee-
No.1375 Trompeta 64 Gary O’Reilly & Guillaume Richard & Niels P.'17/10/14Guillaume Richard-
No.1374 Until Good Gets Here 32 Gary O’Reilly '17/9/30田村かおる-
No.1373 Love Remains 48 Gary O’Reilly '17/9/30田村かおる-
No.1372 Eyes For You 48 Jo Thompson S.'17/9/20渡辺未央ANI
No.1371 White Summer Dress 48 Daniel Trepat & Junghye Yoon'17/9/6渡辺未央-
No.1370 The Most Beautiful Girl 32 Niels Poulsen'17/8/16渡辺未央-
No.1369 Delilah 64 Ria Bos'17/8/11渡辺未央ANI
No.1368 In America 64 Jose Miquel Belloque Vane & Daniel Trepat'17/8/11山浦美穂-
No.1367 Travelin' Soldier 36 Maddison Glover & Simon Ward'17/8/11木崎洋子-
No.1366 Down On The Farm 32 Steve & Denise Bisson'17/8/11ジャクソン優子-
No.1365 Crazy Perfect Mess 32 Kari-Harry Winson and Kate Sala'17/7/30小笠原真麻-
No.1364 Champagne Promise 32 Tina Argyle'17/7/30堀田裕子-
No.1363 No Parking On The Dance Floor 32 Lily Iguchi'17/7/30友原真美-
No.1362 Have A Good Time 32 Rachael McEnaney'17/7/24加藤洋子-
No.1361 She Used To Be Mine 96 Rachael McEnaney and Caroline Pillar'17/7/15田村かおるANI
No.1360 Whistle While You Work It 64 Jo & John Kinser, Ruben Luna, Philip Sobrielo'17/7/15田村かおる-
No.1359 True Believer 32 Niels Poulsen'17/7/15田村かおる-
No.1358 Lonely Drum 32 Darren Mitchell'17/7/12渡辺未央-
No.1357 Somebody Wants You! 40 Daniel Trepat, Niels Poulsen, Neville F. &'17/7/12渡辺未央
No.1356 Dame Mas 32 Emily Drinkall & Sebastien Bonnier & Guillaume R.'17/6/21渡辺未央-
No.1355 Throwback Love 56 Pim van Grootel & Jose Miquel B.V. &'17/6/21渡辺未央-
No.1354 Cry For Me 48 Debbie Rushton'17/6/3田村かおる-
No.1353 Kissing Strangers 64 Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward'17/5/24渡辺未央ANI
No.1352 Nancy Mulligan 32 Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly'17/5/5小笠原真麻-
No.1351 Love Centric 48 Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland'17/5/5杉渕章子
No.1350 Yeah! 32 Michael Barr'17/5/5友原真美-
No.1349 When The Music Hits 64 Ria Vos'17/5/5Lily Iguchi-
No.1348 1,2,3...Floor 48 Jose Miquel Belloque Vane & Simon Ward'17/5/5高野啓子-
No.1347 The Anthem 64 Scott Blevins'17/4/22田村かおる
No.1346 Paddy's Choir 32 Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher'17/4/22田村かおる-
No.1345 Let Me Be There 32 Jaszmine Tan'17/4/22田村かおる-
No.1344 That's Me 32 Nancy Lee'17/4/12渡辺未央-
No.1343 Stuck In My Head 32 Daniel Trepat & Rebecca Lee'17/4/12渡辺未央-
No.1342 Shady 32 Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Amy Glass'17/4/2木崎洋子ANI
No.1341 Zalele 32 Joey & Rina'17/4/2ジャクソン優子-
No.1340 Like We Used To 32 Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps'17/4/2渡辺未央-
No.1339 Rose From The Sea 32 Rep Ghazli-Meaney'17/4/2木崎洋子-
No.1338 Oops Baby 32 Cody Flowers and Rachael McEnaney'17/4/1田村かおるANI
No.1337 Dy Na Mite 64 Dee Musk'17/3/19渡辺未央
No.1336 Jailhouse Rock 64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'17/3/19渡辺未央-
No.1335 Every Time I Roll The Dice 32 Michael Barr & Michele Burton & Kat Painter'17/3/15渡辺未央
No.1334 Maybe Tomorrow 48 Niels Poulsen & Malene Jakobson'17/3/4田村かおるANI
No.1333 Bounce With Me 32 Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond S. & Dj H.G.'17/2/22渡辺未央-
No.1332 Pink Champagne 32 Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk'17/2/22渡辺未央-
No.1331 Lemonade 32 Jo Thompson S. & Malene Jakobsen'17/2/18田村かおる
No.1330 Ipanema Girl 32 Ruben Luna'17/2/18田村かおる-
No.1329 Bella Roma 32 Hayley Wheatley'17/2/8渡辺未央-
No.1328 Tango With Me Darling 64 Rob Fowler, Daniel Whittaker'17/1/18渡辺未央ANI
No.1327 Rock and Roll Music 44 Rachael McEnaney'17/1/11渡辺未央-
No.1326 Outlaw Like Me 48 Pim van G. & Daniel & Roy V. & Darren & Raymond'16/12/21渡辺未央
No.1325 My Middle Name32 Willie Brown & Niels Poulsen'16/11/27Niels Poulsen
No.1324 Last Chance Dance40 Maddison Glover'16/11/27Maddison Glover
No.1323 Vegas Baby48 Rachael McEnaney, S.McKeever & Niels Poulsen'16/11/27Niels Poulsen
No.1322 Roll32 Maddison Glover'16/11/27Maddison Glover
No.1321 Turn The Beat Up32 Maddison Glover'16/11/27Maddison Glover
No.1320 Your Heaven32 Niels Poulsen'16/11/26Niels Poulsen
No.1319 Dig Your Heels52 Maddison Glover'16/11/26Maddison Glover
No.1318 Italiano64 Rachael McEnaney, S.McKeever & Niels Poulsen'16/11/26Niels Poulsen
No.1317 Why I Love You48 Niels Poulsen'16/11/26Niels Poulsen
No.1316 Shake That48 Maddison Glover'16/11/26Maddison Glover
No.1315 Will You Call Me?32 Niels Poulsen'16/11/26Niels Poulsen
No.1314 Chocolate Melon 32 Larry Bass'16/11/19田村かおる-
No.1313 Thinkin' Country 48 Simon Ward'16/11/12田村かおる-
No.1312 Grow Up! 48 Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan H. & Jose Miguel B.V.'16/11/3Lily Iguchi-
No.1311 Keep It Groovin' 64 Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson S.'16/11/3外山茂-
No.1310 I Came To Love You 64 Gary O'Reilly & Dee Musk'16/11/3小笠原真麻-
No.1309 JR 32 Gabi Ibanez'16/10/30木崎洋子-
No.1308 Shut up 76 Myung-shik An'16/10/30小林ちど里-
No.1307 Agua y Fuego 32 Roy Verdonk, Raymond Sariemijn & Daniel T.'16/10/30木崎洋子-
No.1306 Thriller (for Party) 32 Mio Watanabe'16/10/30渡辺未央ANI
No.1305 Pom Poms 96 Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat & Guillaume R.'16/10/26渡辺未央
No.1304 Corazon Diamante 48 Roy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher & Gary O.'16/10/19渡辺未央ANI
No.1303 Cheeseburger 32 Sheila Bernstein'16/9/25渡辺未央-
No.1302 Na Na Na 64 Kate Sala, Rob Fowler, Daan Geelen, and'16/9/14渡辺未央
No.1301 Kiss The Sky 64 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris '16/8/24渡辺未央ANI
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.1300 Drift Away 32 Rob Fowler '16/8/17渡辺未央
No.1299 Frankie Fever 40 Maddison Glover'16/8/7友原真美ANI
No.1298 NY TO CA 32 Michael Barr'16/8/7小笠原真麻
No.1297 Handclap 88 Bracken Ellis & Brandon Zahorsky'16/8/7Lily Iguchi
No.1296 Gypsy Queen 32 Hazel Pace'16/8/7杉渕章子ANI
No.1295 Pieces 32 Dustin Betts'16/7/27渡辺未央
No.1294 Woman Up 48 Rachael McEnaney & Amy Christian'16/7/13渡辺未央
No.1293 I Wan'na Be Like You 32 Maria Maag'16/7/4渡辺未央
No.1292 I Love Me Most 32 Betty Moses'16/7/4加藤洋子
No.1291 Sadie's Dress 32 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'16/6/25田村かおる
No.1290 Beauty In The World 32 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'16/6/25田村かおる-
No.1289 Desperado.. 32 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'16/6/25田村かおる
No.1288 How I Want Ya 80 Joey Warren & Rachael McEnaney'16/6/15渡辺未央
No.1287 If I Wuz U 32 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'16/6/11田村かおる
No.1286 Girls Like 64 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'16/6/11田村かおる-
No.1285 So Just Dance Dance Dance 32 Jose Miquel Belloque Vane, Guillaume Richard'16/6/8渡辺未央
No.1284 Lay Low 32 Darren Bailey'16/5/18渡辺未央
No.1283 Ukulele Swing 32 Karl-Harry Winson'16/5/15外山茂-
No.1282 Is It Desire? 48 Raymond Sariemijn & Niels Poulsen'16/5/15飯塚友浩
No.1281 Carry You Home 96 Fred Whitehouse'16/5/11渡辺未央
No.1280 Well Do Ya? 48 Kim Ray'16/4/20渡辺未央
No.1279 Dancing Kizomba 32 Jose Miquel B.V., Rebecca Lee, Lily Iguchi &'16/4/20渡辺未央
No.1278 Stop Staring At My Eyes! 32 Raymond Sariemijn & Niels Poulsen'16/3/30渡辺未央
No.1277 More Dessert 64 Guyton M. & Klare Wallman'16/3/23渡辺未央-
No.1276 Wakey Wakey 32 Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson S.'16/3/9渡辺未央
No.1275 Cha Cha Mix 64 Maddison Glover'16/3/6鷹取知世
No.1274 Car Wash Blues 32 Roy Verdonk & Sebastian H. & J.Miquel BV'16/3/6友原真美-
No.1273 Million Years Ago 64 Julia Wetzel'16/3/6杉渕章子
No.1272 Cake By The Ocean 96 Scott Blevins'16/3/6外山茂
No.1271 Empty Pockets 64 Michele Burton & Michael Barr'16/2/27田村かおる
No.1270 Sexy Night 32 Raymond Sariemijn & Niels Poulsen'16/2/24渡辺未央
No.1269 Making History 32 Craig Bennett & Dee Musk & Simon Ward'16/2/17渡辺未央
No.1268 Diva 64 Ria Vos'16/2/6Lily Iguchi-
No.1267 Big Blue Tree 32 Ria Vos'16/2/6三田純子
No.1266 Blackpool By The Sea 32 Gaye Teather'16/2/6小笠原真麻
No.1265 Love Me Down 48 Fred Whitehouse'16/2/6小笠原真麻
No.1264 Under The Moon of Love 48 Rachael McEnaney'16/1/20渡辺未央
No.1263 Boys Like You 48 Rachael McEnaney'16/1/20渡辺未央
No.1262 Ain't Misbehavin'48 Guyton M. & Jo Thompson S. & Amy G.'16/1/6渡辺未央
No.1261 Adalida (Contra)32 Adriano Castagnoli'15/12/27渡辺未央-
No.1260 Badonkadonk 32 Miho Yamaura'15/12/9山浦美穂ANI
No.1259 Rio de Amor32 Ira Welsburd'15/12/6外山茂-
No.1258 Summertime Roll48 Joey Warren & Niels Poulsen'15/12/1渡辺未央
No.1257 Sugar Honey I.T. 32 Johanna Barnes'15/11/29Linda McCormackANI
No.1256 Better Than Ever 60 Maddison Glover'15/11/29Fred Whitehouse
No.1255 Down At The Station 32 Fred Whitehouse'15/11/29Fred Whitehouse
No.1254 Come See About Me 32 Linda McCormack'15/11/29Linda McCormack
No.1253 Kiss You 64 Fred Whitehouse'15/11/29Fred Whitehouse
No.1252 Proud Woman! 32 Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen'15/11/28Fred Whitehouse
No.1251 Here 32 Linda McCormack'15/11/28Linda McCormack
No.1250 Loving You Tonight 48 Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney'15/11/28Linda McCormack
No.1249 Worth It 48 Linda McCormack & Maddison Glover'15/11/28Linda McCormack
No.1248 Is It Over ? 32 Fred Whitehouse & Niels Poulsen'15/11/18渡辺未央
No.1247 Won't Tell A Soul 32 Malene Jakobsen & Rachael McEnaney'15/11/8外山茂-
No.1246 Marilyn 64 Jose Miguel Belloque Vane'15/11/8外山茂-
No.1245 Until The Dawn 32 Gary Lafferty'15/11/8外山茂-
No.1244 Senorita Tu 32 Ira Weisburd'15/10/31木崎洋子
No.1243 It Feels Like Rock'N Roll 32 Maria Maag'15/10/21渡辺未央
No.1242 Cliche Love Song32 TEAM USA (Jo T.S. & Guyton M. & John R.)'15/10/18渡辺未央
No.1241 Extreme Love 48 Niels Poulsen'15/9/30渡辺未央
No.1240 New Thang 64 Philip Sobrielo, Rebecca Lee & Raymond S.'15/9/26Rebecca Lee
No.1239 Back Together 64 Satu Ketellaper'15/9/26Satu Ketellaper
No.1238 Happy 32 Marlon Ronkes'15/9/26Melvin van Boxtel-
No.1237 We Get One Shot 48 Daniel Trepat & Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey'15/9/16渡辺未央
No.1236 Little Mr P.I.D. 32 Rachael McEnaney & Trevor Thornton'15/9/9渡辺未央
No.1235 Mr Put It Down64 Rachael McEnaney & Trevor Thornton'15/8/26渡辺未央
No.1234 The Bomp 64 Kim Ray'15/8/12渡辺未央
No.1233 Under Paris Skies48 Tomohiro Iizuka'15/7/26飯塚友浩
No.1232 If You Are 32 Julia Wetzel'15/7/26高野啓子
No.1231 Sugar Rush 64 Trevor Thornton'15/7/26外山茂
No.1230 Like Coca Cola In Hollywood 32 Wil Bos'15/7/26Lily Iguchi
No.1229 Trouble With Treble 32 Maddison Glover'15/7/18田村かおる
No.1228 Summertime Strolling 32 Kathy Brown'15/7/18田村かおる-
No.1227 Devil Pray 32 Magali Chabret'15/7/18田村かおる-
No.1226 Castellano Salsa 64 Lilian Lo'15/7/11Lilian Lo-
No.1225 Play That Song 32 Lilian Lo'15/7/11Lilian Lo
No.1224 I Need To Know 32 Lilian Lo'15/7/11Lilian Lo-
No.1223 Let's Break Up Tomorrow 32 Amund Storsveen & Jo Thompson S.'15/7/11渡辺未央
No.1222 Making Me Feel 32 Maddison Glover & Rachael McEnaney'15/7/5渡辺未央
No.1221 Something So Right 32 Emily Drinkall'15/7/5山浦美穂
No.1220 Fly 24 Yoko Ka. & Miho Ya. & Mio Wa.'15/7/5加藤洋子ANI
No.1219 Stonecold 64 Niels Poulsen & Maria Maag'15/7/5山浦美穂
No.1218 Senor Loco 68 Wil Bos'15/7/5渡辺未央
No.1217 Holy Cowgirl 32 Guyton Mundy'15/6/20田村かおる
No.1216 And Get It On 32 Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane'15/6/17渡辺未央
No.1215 Cheerio 48 Roy Verdonk & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane'15/5/31小笠原真麻
No.1214 Rolling Down Under32 Ria Vos & Simon Ward'15/5/27渡辺未央
No.1213 Two Timing Man 48 Ira Weisburd'15/5/23田村かおる-
No.1212 Ticket to the Blues 32 Niels Poulsen'15/5/20渡辺未央
No.1211 O.M.G.! 64 Dee Musk, Kate Sala & Tokyo Line Dancers'15/5/13渡辺未央
No.1210 Darling Hold My Hand 64 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'15/4/25田村かおる-
No.1209 MJ Classic 48 Rod Fowler'15/4/25田村かおる-
No.1208 Run 48 Scott Blevins'15/4/25田村かおる
No.1207 Mama Jama Boogie 32 Linda McCormack'15/4/19夏目知枝
No.1206 Huggable 32 Frank Trace'15/4/19落合真由美-
No.1205 We Only Live Once 64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'15/4/15渡辺未央
No.1204 Hard To Say It 32 Niels Poulsen'15/4/11田村かおる
No.1203 EZ Freestyle 24 Amy Christian'15/4/11田村かおる-
No.1202 Walking On Air 64 Simon Ward & Amy glass'15/3/21田村かおる
No.1201 Homegrown 32 Rachael McEnaney'15/3/15山浦美穂
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.1200 Repeat That Beat 32 Rod Fowler & Dee Musk'15/3/15外山茂
No.1199 Priscilla 32 Randy Pelletier'15/3/15飯塚友浩
No.1198 Saturday Nights 32 Fred Whitehouse'15/3/15小林ちど里
No.1197 Rock & Roll King64 Rachael McEnaney'15/3/11渡辺未央
No.1196 When I Move ph* Linda McCormack'15/3/7田村かおる
No.1195 Triple Mix 32 Lorna Mursell'15/3/4渡辺未央
No.1194 McMotion 104 Linda McCormack & Rachael McEnaney'15/2/25渡辺未央
No.1193 Honey, I'm Good 64 Brenna Stith'15/2/13ジャクソン優子-
再 No. 504 Larger Than Life48 Simon Ward'15/1/21渡辺未央
No.1192 Yes! 80 Simon Ward & Jo Thompson S.'15/1/17Lily Iguchi
No.1191 Last Call Boys! 48 Rachael McEnaney'15/1/17高野啓子
No.1190 Lily 32 Tomohiro Iizuka'15/1/17飯塚友浩
No.1189 Have You Never Been Mellow 32 Tomohiro Iizuka'15/1/17飯塚友浩
No.1188 Cecilia 32 Willie Brown & Heather Barton'14/12/24渡辺未央
No.1187 Chicago Bonfire 40 Debbie McLaughlin, Jose M.B.V. & Ria Vos'14/12/24渡辺未央
No.1186 No Trouble 32 Tony Vassell & Robbie McGowan Hickie'14/12/8加藤洋子-
No.1185 Fireball 64 Kate Sala'14/12/3渡辺未央
No.1184 Teenage Dreamin' 64 Maddison Glover'14/11/30Simon Ward
No.1183 Miss Incredible 32 Jo Thompson S.'14/11/30Jo Thompson S.
No.1182 Thankful 48 Fred Whitehouse'14/11/30Simon Ward
No.1181 Nadie Como Tu 64 Jose Miguel Belloque'14/11/30Jo Thompson S.
No.1180 Snowflake 32 Simon Ward'14/11/29Simon Ward-
No.1179 One Great Mystery 32 Simon Ward'14/11/29Simon Ward
No.1178 Wrapped Up 32 Simon Ward'14/11/29Simon Ward
No.1177 Summer Wind 32 Jo Thompson S.'14/11/29Jo Thompson S.
No.1176 Badda Badda Swing 48 Daniel Whittaker & Simon Ward'14/11/29Simon Ward
No.1175 Washed In The Water 64 Rachael McEnaney & Jo Thompson S.'14/11/29Jo Thompson S.
No.1174 Love You Forever 32 Rob Fowler & Rachael M. & Jo Thompson S.'14/11/22渡辺未央
No.1173 Raggle Taggle Gypsy O32 Maggie Gallagher'14/11/5渡辺未央
No.1172 Twist Twist Twist96 Jose Miquel Belloque & Roy Verdonk &'14/10/22渡辺未央-
No.1171 Fall In Love 32 Patricia E.Stott'14/10/11田村かおる
No.1170 Outta Control80 Simon Ward'14/9/24渡辺未央
No.1169 Such a Fool 32 Niels Poulsen'14/9/10渡辺未央
No.1168 Alcazar 52 Robbie McGowan Hickie & K.H.Winson'14/9/10渡辺未央
No.1167 Those Were The Days 32 Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler'14/8/31黒澤克實
No.1166 Queen Bee 32 Michell Risley & Rachael McEnaney'14/8/31外山茂-
No.1165 Get My Name 64 Guyton Mundy & Will Craig'14/8/31Lily Iguchi
No.1164 Jordin's Step 32 Kaith Steward'14/8/30田村かおる
No.1163 Gin & Tonic 32 Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie'14/8/23菅原遊
No.1162 Cha Cha Burnph* Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson S.'14/7/19田村かおる
No.1161 All Of Me32 Simon Ward'14/7/19田村かおる
No.1160 Runaway Babyph* Miho Ya. & Mio Wa. & Yoko Ka. '14/7/6山浦/渡辺/加藤 -
No.1159 Celtic Lady54 Yvonne Anderson'14/7/6渡辺未央
No.1158 Live The Life48 Rachael McEnaney'14/7/6山浦美穂
No.1157 Brave48 Richard Palmer & L.H. & L.D.'14/6/18渡辺未央
No.1156 Make You Feel My World32 Lily Iguchi'14/6/1Lily Iguchi-
No.1155 Let's Have A Party64 Rachael McEnaney & John R. & Jo T.S.'14/6/1高野啓子
No.1154 Light On34 Debbie McLaughlin'14/6/1馬場進一郎ANI
No.1153 Everybody's Got Somebody32 Rhoda Lai'14/6/1小笠原真麻
No.1152 Laughter In The Rain44 Dee Musk'14/6/1外山茂
No.1151 Baby Face32 Maria Tao'14/6/1田村かおる
No.1150 All I Can Say64 Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney'14/5/28渡辺未央
No.1149 Like A Lover64 Ria Vos'14/5/7渡辺未央
No.1148 Rush & Low32 Daniel Trepat & Sanne Kjaer Poulsen'14/5/6山浦美穂-
No.1147 Tokyo's Loversph* Daniel Trepat & Tokyo Line Dancers'14/5/6山浦美穂-
No.1146 Ball Cap32 Daniel Trepat & Roy Verdonk'14/5/6岩井はなえ
No.1145 80's Joint32 Daniel Trepat & Patrick Hering'14/4/30渡辺未央
No.1144 Apache Spirit Dance32 Living L.D.R.C.2013 & Daniel Trepat'14/4/26Daniel Trepat
No.1143 Swing Your Thing32 Ria Vos'14/4/26大橋由紀子-
No.1142 Obsesion64 Roy Hadisubroto & Jose M.B.'14/4/26Daniel Trepat
No.1141 The Cleverland Boyz40 Bev Carpenter'14/4/26Daniel Trepat-
No.1140 Funky Strut72 Rob Fowler'14/4/23渡辺未央
No.1139 Queen of My Heart (Easy Waltz)24 Birthe Tygesen'14/4/16渡辺未央
No.1138 Timber64 Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick'14/4/16渡辺未央
No.1137 A Little Bit Gypsy32 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'14/3/26渡辺未央
No.1136 New York 2 LA48 Rachael McEnaney'14/3/19渡辺未央
No.1135 The Glory of Love32 Yvonne Anderson'14/3/15田村かおる-
No.1134 Got My Baby Back32 Maggie Gallagher'14/2/26渡辺未央
No.1133 Love Me Right64 Rachael McEnaney & Amy Glass'14/2/19渡辺未央
No.1132 Hit The Road Jack48 Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick'14/2/5渡辺未央
No.1131 Feeling Hot48 Rachael McEnaney'14/1/22渡辺未央
No.1130 Fly High64 Maggie Gallagher'14/1/22渡辺未央
No.1129 This Is Me64 Yvonne Anderson'14/1/12三田純子-
No.1128 Color On The Walls64 Tomohiro Iizuka'14/1/12飯塚友浩-
No.1127 Undefeated64 Guyton Mundy'14/1/12友原真美-
No.1126 Jump On A Ride64 Ria Vos'14/1/12Lily Iguchi
No.1125 One Sweet Chance32 Ogasawara & Kawamoto'14/1/11田村かおる
No.1124 40 Years64 Daniel Whittaker'14/1/11小笠原マーサ
No.1123 Showstopper32 Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson S.'14/1/11田村かおる
No.1122 Remember That32 Rachael McEnaney'14/1/11田村かおる
No.1121 Circle Of Love Train48 Rachael McEnaney'14/1/8渡辺未央-
No.1120 Coolio48 Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno'13/12/18渡辺未央
No.1119 Marry You32 Miho Yamaura'13/12/9山浦美穂-
No.1118 I'm A Good Girlph* Sobrielo philip Gene'13/12/1Lily Iguchi-
No.1117 Sing In The Rain32 Pooi Kuan'13/12/1Lily Iguchi-
No.1116 Be My Baby Now64 Vicky St Pierre & Rachael McEnaney'13/11/27渡辺未央
No.1115 Come To Papa32 Ria Vos'13/11/23渡辺未央
No.1114 Dream Lover64 Daniel Whittaker'13/11/6渡辺未央
No.1113 Young Volcanoes32 Darren Balley & Fred W.'13/11/4Darren Balley
No.1112 You Make Me Feel So Young32 Michele Burton'13/11/4Michael Barr
No.1111 Sarah Beth48 Darren Balley & Fred W.'13/11/4Darren Balley
No.1110 Light In The Winter32 Jo Thompson S. & M.Barr & M.Burton'13/11/4Michael Barr
No.1109 Forever Cool32 Jo Thompson S.'13/11/4Michele Burton
No.1108 Limbo32 Darren Balley & Fred W.'13/11/3Darren Balley
No.1107 Power To The People32 Michael Barr'13/11/3Michael Barr
No.1106 What's Right Is Right32 Michael Barr & Michele Burton'13/11/3Michele Burton
No.1105 Wrong Side Slide64 Jill Babinec & Jo Thompson S.'13/11/3Michael Barr
No.1104 Follow Me64 Darren Balley & Raymond S. & Fred W.'13/11/3Darren Balley
No.1103 Little Black Dress On64 Michele Burton'13/11/3Michele Burton
No.1102 Completely32 Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick'13/10/2渡辺未央
No.1101 Blurred Lines64 Rachael McEnaney'13/9/11渡辺未央
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.1100 Hurt Me Carefully48 Ria Vos'13/8/28渡辺未央
No.1099 Bruises32 Niels Poulsen'13/8/18山浦美穂-
No.1098 Love to Trust32 Niels Poulsen'13/8/10Niels Poulsen-
No.1097 DN Waltz24 Niels Poulsen'13/8/10Niels Poulsen-
No.1096 Speed Racer64 Lily Iguchi'13/8/10Lily Iguchi-
No.1095 Double Birthday Cha32 Lily Iguchi'13/8/10Lily Iguchi-
No.1094 Brown Frame32 Lily Iguchi'13/8/10Lily Iguchi-
No.1093 Always Alone48 Niels Poulsen'13/8/9Niels Poulsen
No.1092 Hey Love64 Niels Poulsen'13/8/9Niels Poulsen
No.1091 Don't Disturb Me64 Niels Poulsen'13/8/9Niels Poulsen-
No.1090 California Cha32 Niels Poulsen'13/8/9Niels Poulsen-
No.1089 Sing Sing Sing64 Simon Ward'13/7/8渡辺未央
No.1088 Lovin' You Is Fun32 Daniel Trepat & Jose miguel B.V.'13/7/7山浦美穂
No.1087 Hillbilly Swivel48 Yoko Ka. & Miho Ya. & Mio Wa.'13/7/7加藤/山浦/渡辺
No.1086 Come Back To Me32 Miho Yamaura'13/7/7山浦美穂
No.1085 Cool Cat Swing48 Rob Fowler & Lianne Fowler'13/7/7加藤洋子
No.1084 Good Girl32 Jonas Dahlgren'13/6/30Jonas Dahlgren-
No.1083 Smooth Soldier32 Pim van Grootel & Bella Scholtze'13/6/30Pim van Grootel
No.1082 What Is Love16 Jonas Dahlgren'13/6/30Jonas Dahlgren-
No.1081 Back In My World32 Pim van Grootel & Bella Scholtze'13/6/30Pim van Grootel
No.1080 Boogie Wonderland32 Jonas Dahlgren'13/6/30Jonas Dahlgren
No.1079 With or Without You32 Raymond Sariemijn & Roy Verdonk'13/6/29Pim van Grootel
No.1078 Trespassing32 Fred Whitehouse & Darren Balley'13/6/29Pim van Grootel
No.1077 Hope32 Jonas Dahlgren'13/6/29Jonas Dahlgren
No.1076 Every Breath You Take32 Jonas Dahlgren'13/6/29Jonas Dahlgren
No.1075 Dancing In The Street32 Jonas Dahlgren'13/6/29Jonas Dahlgren
No.1074 Blurred Lines32 Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk'13/6/29Pim van Grootel
No.1073 I'm Your Man32 Pim van G. & J.M.B.Vane & Jonas D.'13/6/29Pim van Grootel
No.1072 WOW Tokyo64 Ria Vos & Kate Sala'13/6/23Ria Vos & Kate S.
No.1071 Late Night Call32 Kate Sala'13/6/23Kate Sala
No.1070 Girl Watcher32 Ria Vos'13/6/23Ria Vos-
No.1069 KD Cha32 Kate Sala & Daniel Whittaker'13/6/23Kate Sala-
No.1068 Just Go32 Ria Vos'13/6/23Ria Vos
No.1067 Tinted Windows32 Kate Sala'13/6/23Kate Sala-
No.1066 Clap For The DJ64 Ria Vos'13/6/23Ria Vos
No.1064 Gleefully There64 Rachael McEnaney'13/6/19渡辺未央
No.1063 Maverockin'64 Gaye Teather'13/6/12渡辺未央
No.1062 Faking It48 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'13/6/1Lily Iguchi-
No.1061 Lookabell48 Niels Poulsen'13/6/1馬場進一郎
No.1060 Leave You Alone48 Jose Miguel B.Van & Joey Warren'13/6/1外山茂-
No.1059 All About Michael64 Niels Poulsen'13/6/1小笠原真麻
No.1058 Shake The Room48 Craig Bennett & Kari-Harry Winson'13/6/1馬場進一郎
No.1057 Imelda's Way32 Adrian Churm'13/5/29渡辺未央
No.1056 Tonight32 Roy Hadisubroto & Raymond S.'13/4/29Roy Hadisubroto
No.1055 Crank It Up64 Daniel Whittaker'13/4/29大橋由紀子-
No.1054 I Love Her40 Roy Hadisubroto & Raymond S.'13/4/28Roy Hadisubroto
No.1053 LDF(Let's Dance Forever)32 Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick'13/4/28大橋由紀子
No.1052 Stay Stay Stay!32 Niels Poulsen'13/4/28富谷美智子-
No.1051 Inside Out32 Roy Hadisubroto'13/4/28Roy Hadisubroto-
No.1050 Mexi-fest64 Kate Sala'13/4/28ジャクソン優子-
No.1049 Dance & Shout48 Darren Bailey, Roy H. & Raymond S.'13/4/24渡辺未央-
No.1048 Hairsprayph* Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney'13/4/24渡辺未央-
No.1047 BFF(Best Friend Forever)32 Darren Bailey'13/4/17渡辺未央-
No.1046 Give It A Go32 Ria Vos'13/4/6高野啓子
No.1045 Dance Of Love32 Maggie Gallagher'13/4/6栗田道代-
No.1044 Shattered Dreams32 Karl-Harry Winson'13/4/6堀田裕子
No.1043 City Boy Waltz48 Simon Ward'13/4/6三田純子-
No.1042 Soul Fire32 Ria Vos'13/4/6小笠原真麻
No.1041 Damned64 Ivonne Verhagen'13/4/6田村かおる-
No.1040 Long Distance Love64 Dee Musk'13/4/6外山茂
No.1039 Can't Make Money32 Rachael McEnaney'13/4/6高野啓子-
No.1038 Choo Choo Cha Boogie48 John Robinson & Jo Thompsin S.'13/3/27渡辺未央
No.1037 Windy City Waltz96 Simon Ward, Ria Vos & Darren B.'13/3/27渡辺未央
No.1036 Saturday Night32 Don Pascual'13/3/6渡辺未央-
No.1035 Troublemaker40 Vikki Morris'13/2/27渡辺未央
No.1034 His Only Need32 Ria Vos'13/2/6渡辺未央
No.1033 Disappearing Tail Lights32 Alison & Peter'13/1/20三田純子-
No.1032 Beautiful In My Eyes32 Simon Ward'13/1/20高野啓子
No.1031 The Boy Can Dance32 Ross Brown'13/1/20外山茂
No.1030 1st Class32 Karl-Harry Winson'13/1/20黒澤克實
No.1029 Better With You48 Ria Vos & Dee Musk'13/1/20外山茂-
No.1028 I Wanna(Dance)64 Gerard Murphy, Micheal Barr, F.T.'13/1/20友原真美
No.1027 Wagon Wheel Rock64 Yvonne Anderson'13/1/20堀田裕子-
No.1026 Shotgun Girls32 Lily Iguchi'13/1/20Lily Iguchi
No.1025 Dance With Me Baby32 Kirsthen Hansen'12/12/10加藤洋子-
No.1024 Honky Tonk Boots32 Lisa Johns-Grose'12/12/5渡辺未央
No.1023 Dancing With Cupid64 Kate Sala'12/12/5渡辺未央
No.1022 Made In India48 Amy Christian'12/11/25Amy Christian-
No.1021 Twinkle64 Rhoda Lai'12/11/25Scott Blevins
No.1020 Can't Buy Me Love24 Amy Christian'12/11/25Amy Christian-
No.1019 Skiffle Time64 Darren Bailey'12/11/25Joey Warren
No.1018 Pontoon32 Gail Smith'12/11/25Joey Warren
No.1017 Still Love Me Tomorrow?64 Rachael McEnaney'12/11/24Amy Christian
No.1016 Clap Your Handsph* Joey Warren'12/11/24Joey Warren
No.1015 Cold Blooded Lover84 Joey Warren'12/11/24Joey Warren
No.1014 Humanised32 Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson S.'12/11/23Scott Blevins
No.1013 Jenkins Sisters' Jam64 Scott Blevins'12/11/23Scott Blevins
No.1012 Wrapped Inside Your Love32 Amy Christian'12/11/15田村かおる-
No.1011 Wom Bom Bom64 Paul McAdam & Craig Bennett'12/11/14渡辺未央
No.1010 Talking To The Moon32 Joey Warren'12/11/2田村かおる
No.1009 Come Back My Love32 Juliet Lam'12/10/30田村かおる-
No.1008 Have and To Hold32 Karl-Harry Winson'12/10/30田村かおる-
No.1007 Hook Me Up32 John H.Robinson'12/10/30田村かおる-
No.1006 Love Me or Leave Me64 Frank Trace'12/10/10渡辺未央
No.1005 Bound to you96 Maria Maag'12/10/10渡辺未央
No.1004 Positive32 Jeremie Tridon'12/10/6Jeremie Tridon-
No.1003 Not In Love32 Yvonne & Siobhan Dunn'12/10/6Siobhan Dunn-
No.1002 Who Cares32 Susanna Tonteri'12/10/6Susanna Tonteri-
No.1001 Bang Bang64 Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward'12/9/29田村かおる
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.1000 192932 Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie'12/9/29田村かおる
No.999 Nightclub Fillestar32 Bracken Ellis Potter'12/9/29田村かおる-
No.998 Hands Up!48 Setsuko Motoki'12/9/19渡辺未央-
No.997 Jump !32 Craig Bennett'12/9/16Lily Iguchi
No.996 Morning Glory32 Simon Ward'12/9/16外山茂-
No.995 Together We Dance32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'12/9/16Lily Iguchi-
No.994 Black Heart64 Kate Sala'12/9/16高野啓子-
No.993 Watch Your Back32 Gaye Teather'12/9/16堀田裕子-
No.992 50 Ways64 Pat Stott'12/9/15田村かおる
No.991 Through The Fire32 Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson S.'12/9/12渡辺未央
No.990 Whiskeys Gone72 Rob Fowler'12/9/5渡辺未央
No.989 Surf City48 Miho Yamaura'12/9/2山浦美穂-
No.988 Red Camaro48 Daniel Trepat'12/9/2額田弘美-
No.987 I Won't Give Up48 Francien Sittrop'12/9/2米川ゆか-
No.986 Mercury Blues48 Miho Yamaura'12/9/2山浦美穂
No.985 This Ole Boy64 Rachael McEnaney'12/7/1Rachael McEnaney-
No.984 Steam32 Roy Hadisubroto'12/7/1Roy Hadisubroto
No.983 Country Soul32 Roy Hadisubroto'12/7/1Roy Hadisubroto
No.982 Wake Up Little Susie32 Rachael McEnaney'12/7/1Rachael McEnaney-
No.981 Walking Away32 Rachael McEnaney'12/7/1Rachael McEnaney
No.980 M.S.G.32 Roy Hadisubroto'12/6/30Roy Hadisubroto
No.979 Amazing Grace32 Rachael McEnaney'12/6/30Rachael McEnaney
No.978 Satisfy My Soul32 Roy Hadisubroto'12/6/30Roy Hadisubroto
No.977 Short Small Sally48 Roy Hadisubroto & Raymond S.'12/6/30Roy Hadisubroto
No.976 Gold Digger32 Rachael McEnaney'12/6/30Rachael McEnaney
No.975 Ding Dang Darn It48 Rachael McEnaney'12/6/29Rachael McEnaney
No.974 Pata Pata32 Roy Hadisubroto'12/6/29Roy Hadisubroto-
No.973 Back In Time112 Rachael McEnaney & Guyon M.'12/6/29Rachael McEnaney-
No.972 Skinny Love32 Roy Hadisubroto & Raymond S.'12/6/29Roy Hadisubroto-
No.971 Amica Mia64 Norman Gifford'12/6/24馬場進一郎-
No.970 Time Bomb64 Craig Bennett'12/6/24友原真美
No.969 Drive By64 Daniel Whittaker'12/6/24Lily Iguchi-
No.968 Scarborough Waltz72 Larry Schmidt'12/6/23小笠原真麻-
No.967 The Blarney Roses34 Maggie Gallagher'12/6/23高野啓子-
No.966 Half Past Nothin'64 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'12/6/20渡辺未央
No.965 Love You in a Barrel64 Niels B.Poulsen'12/6/2田村かおる-
No.964 Domino64 Rachael McEnaney'12/5/30渡辺未央
No.962 Mack The Knife64 Rachael McEnaney'12/5/19田村かおる
No.961 Alfie32 Cato Larsen'12/5/19田村かおる
No.960 J Ho AB32 Tiffany Carter'12/5/19田村かおる
No.959 Luna Lite32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'12/5/16渡辺未央
No.958 What Are Words32 Niels B.Poulsen'12/5/13木崎洋子
No.957 Tomorrow32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'12/5/13大橋由紀子
No.956 Stealing Apples64 Rickard Tappr & Kenneth Nilsson'12/5/13木崎洋子
No.955 Mamma Maria32 Frank Trace'12/4/25渡辺未央
No.954 Love Trouble32 Niels B.Poulsen'12/4/25渡辺未央
No.953 Next To Me32 Niels B.Poulsen'12/4/22Niels B.Poulsen
No.952 Love Can Build A Bridge32 Yukiko Ohashi'12/4/22大橋由紀子-
No.951 Ibiza Swingph* Mei Ling Leong'12/4/22Mei Ling Leong-
No.950 Loving You48 Niels B.Poulsen'12/4/22Niels B.Poulsen
No.949 Hi-A-Ma Cha48 Rachael McEnaney'12/4/18渡辺未央
No.948 Leave Your Mark48 Debbie McLaughlin'12/4/7田村かおる
No.947 One Step Japan64 Mio Watanabe'12/3/28渡辺未央-
No.946 Footloose/partner_danceph* Robert Royston'12/3/25佐藤倫子-
No.945 Spring Rain32 Michele Burton & Jo Thompson'12/3/17田村かおる-
No.944 Midnight Swing64 Robert Glover'12/3/17田村かおる
No.943 Papi64 Rachael McEnaney'12/3/17田村かおる
No.942 If You Were Mine32 Maggie Gallagher'12/3/14渡辺未央
No.941 Sarah's Angel24 Cato Larsen'12/3/7渡辺未央
No.940 Have You Ever Seen The Rain32 Dee Musk'12/3/4三田純子
No.939 More Than A Friend32 Robert Lindsay'12/3/4鷹取知世
No.938 Without Fire64 Kari-Harry Winson'12/3/4Lily Iguchi
No.937 London Rhythm Swings32 Andrey R'12/3/3杉渕章子
No.936 Had A Bad Day32 Rachael McEnaney'12/3/3小笠原真麻
No.935 Caribbean Pearl64 Maggie Gallagher'12/2/18田村かおる
No.934 Fake IDph* Jamal Sims & Dondraico J.'12/2/15渡辺未央
No.933 Lady Luck!64 Niels B.Poulsen'12/2/12岩井英恵
No.932 Love 2 Dance64 Simon Ward & Niels B.Poulsen'12/2/12木崎洋子-
No.931 Only Girl64 Simon Ward & Niels B.Poulsen'12/2/12大橋由紀子
No.929 Bruno's Way32 Niels B.Poulsen'12/2/12富谷美智子-
No.928 Back In Time32 Robbie McGowan Hickie'12/2/12富谷美智子-
No.927 A Place In The Sun32 Rachael McEnaney'12/2/1渡辺未央
No.926 Fever(*)48 Parry Spence'12/1/21田村かおる-
No.925 Danza Kuduro64 Jose Miquel Belloque Vane &'12/1/15川本稔子
No.924 Born 2B Gaga32 Rep Ghazali'12/1/14田村かおる
No.923 Zatchu32 Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowki'11/12/24渡辺未央
No.922 Proud Mary Burnin'124 Sobrielo Philip Gene'11/12/17田村かおる-
No.921 Last Christmas32 Miho Yamaura'11/12/7山浦美穂
No.920 Move A Like64 Ria Vos'11/11/30渡辺未央
No.919 Stuck Like Glue32 Craig Bennett'11/11/27Craig Bennett
No.918 Under The Mango Tree32 Cato Larsen'11/11/27Cato Larsen
No.917 Know Me By Now36 Craig Bennett'11/11/27Craig Bennett
No.916 Lookout64 Cato Larsen'11/11/27Cato Larsen
No.915 Wobble32 VIC Brentnell'11/11/26Craig Bennett-
No.914 Love Don't Run32 Craig Bennett & Shaz Walton'11/11/26Craig Bennett
No.913 Beer Or Gasoline48 Cato Larsen'11/11/26Cato Larsen
No.912 It's Amazing32 Michael Barr & C.California'11/11/26Cato Larsen
No.911 Mr Wonderful64 Craig Bennett'11/11/26Craig Bennett
No.910 Be A Little Selfish64 Joey Warren & Craig Bennett'11/11/26Craig Bennett
No.909 Footlooseph* Robert Royston'11/11/13ジャクソン優子-
No.908 Over The Rainbow72 Miho Yamaura'11/11/13山浦美穂
No.907 Country Town32 Dan Albro'11/11/13宮沢利香-
No.905 Open Book32 Jo Thompson Szymanski'11/10/31渡辺未央
No.904 Melon Heart64 Niels Poulsen'11/10/22友原真美-
No.903 Freak A Little More32 Scott Blevins'11/10/22外山茂
No.902 A Little Higher32 Peter & Alison'11/10/22堀田裕子-
No.901 Devotion56 Maggie Gallagher'11/10/22高野啓子-
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.900 My Pretty Belinda32 Vikki Morris'11/10/22三田純子-
No.899 Caterina66 Cato Larsen'11/10/22Lily Iguchi
No.898 La Luna64 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'11/10/22Lily Iguchi-
No.897 Purr Kitty48 Rachael McEnaney'11/10/22高野啓子
No.896 Unchain My Heart32 Dee Musk'11/10/19渡辺未央-
No.895 5-10-15 Swing96* Scott Blevins'11/10/12渡辺未央
No.894 Alabama Slammin'48 Rachael McEnaney'11/9/28渡辺未央
No.893 Twist With The Fat Boys80* Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos'11/9/28渡辺未央-
No.892 Hold On Tight32 Scott Blevins'11/9/10田村かおる
No.891 Dr Wanna Do32 Maggie Gallagher'11/9/10田村かおる
No.890 The Flute64 Maggie Gallagher'11/8/24渡辺未央
No.888 Mine All Mine32 Lindy Bowers'11/8/21小笠原真麻
No.887 Upside Down For Starters32 Sho Botham'11/8/21夏目ちえ
No.886 Dirt And Glitter32 Jacob Ballard'11/8/21愛甲直美
No.885 I Need To Know32 Amy Christian'11/8/21川本稔子
No.884 EZ-PZ Lollipop32 Debbie Small'11/8/21安田登代子-
No.883 Don't Want You Back32 Jane Boyd'11/8/21篠田奈緒美
No.882 Latter Rain32 Michael Barr'11/8/6田村かおる-
No.881 Zookey32 Roy Hoeben'11/7/17Roy Hoeben-
No.880 Country Fun32 Cindy van Tuel'11/7/17Roy Hoeben-
No.879 Damn32 Roy Hoeben'11/7/17Roy Hoeben
No.878 Electric Avenue32 Roy Hoeben'11/7/17Roy Hoeben-
No.877 Rolling In The Deep64 Maggie Gallagher'11/7/6渡辺未央
No.876 Quarter After One56 Levi J Hubbard'11/6/26F.Henshall-
No.875 Ez Swing32 Winnie Yu'11/6/26Lee Easton-
No.874 Knee Deep32 Peter & Alison'11/6/26Lee Easton-
No.873 Fairytale Waltz48 Lee Easton'11/6/26F.Henshall
No.872 There's a Hitch32 Larry Bass'11/6/26F.Henshall-
No.871 Nadia's Swing32 Lee Easton'11/6/25F.Henshall
No.870 Cowboy Yoddle Song32 P.Provencher & L.Bohermier'11/6/25F.Henshall
No.869 Something in the Water32 Niels Poulsen'11/6/25Lee Easton
No.868 Foxy Girl32 Frank Trace'11/6/25Lee Easton-
No.867 Bittersweet Memory32 Ria Vos'11/6/8渡辺未央
No.866 Born This Way32 Craig Bennett & Simon Ward'11/6/4外山茂
No.865 1-2-3-464 Neils Poulsen'11/6/4三田純子
No.864 I Can't Let Go32 Shin-ichiro Baba'11/6/4馬場進一郎-
No.863 Shake That Thing40 Dan Albro'11/6/4黒澤克實-
No.862 Ballando32 Ira Weisburd'11/6/4堀田裕子-
No.861 Make This Day64 Rachael McEnaney'11/6/1渡辺未央
No.860 That Man48 Ria Vos'11/5/25渡辺未央
No.859 California King48* Debbie McLaughlin'11/5/21田村かおる
No.858 I'm No Good64 Rachael McEnaney'11/5/11渡辺未央
No.857 Raise Your Glass64 Rachael McEnaney'11/5/11渡辺未央
No.856 Blue Night Cha32 Kim Ray'11/4/10DEMI佐伯
No.855 Hip 2 Be Square32 Christian-Sohn'11/4/10小笠原真麻-
No.854 Wonderland Waltz48 Rob Fowler'11/4/10落合真由美
No.854 Hot Hot Hot48 Helena Jeppsson'11/4/10酒井理恵
No.853 Ooh I Like That!48 Rachael McEnaney & R.Lindsey'11/4/10川本稔子
No.852 A Walk On The Wild Side32 Jacob Ballard'11/4/10夏目ちえ
No.851 Return To Sender32 Melanie Vleugels'11/4/6渡辺未央
No.850 Burlesque64 Norman Gifford'11/3/23渡辺未央
No.849 Home16 Nicola Lafferty'11/3/9渡辺未央
No.848 Let It Be32 Rachael McEnaney'11/2/16渡辺未央
No.847 CanAm Tango64 Michele Burton, M.Barr, M.Perron'11/2/13高安千鶴子-
No.846 Don't Miss A Thing32 Rachael McEnaney'11/2/13高野啓子
No.845 So Said Joe32 Bracken E.Potter & Scott B.'11/2/13友原真美
No.844 Smooth Operator32 Scott Schrank, R.Luna, M.Barr'11/2/13Lily Iguchi-
No.843 First NC232 Farly & Lily Iguchi'11/2/12小笠原マーサ-
No.842 Jump Up & Fly32 Farly & Lily Iguchi'11/2/12小笠原マーサ-
No.841 Can't Handel Me!96* Guyton Mundy & C.Parson & Pim'11/2/9渡辺未央-
No.840 For The First Time32 Niels Poulsen'11/2/6木崎洋子-
No.839 Euro Mess80* Jo Kinser, Daniel & Niels Poulsen'11/2/6木崎洋子-
No.838 The Stroma Dance96* Niels Poulsen'11/2/6ジャクソン優子-
No.837 My Next Love48 Niels Poulsen'11/2/6木崎洋子-
No.836 I'm Yours64 Niels Poulsen'11/2/6山浦美穂-
No.835 Sea Of Heartbreak32 Niels Poulsen'11/2/6木崎洋子-
No.834 Every Now And Then32 Birthe Tygesen'10/11/28Sam Arvidson
No.833 Only You32 John H.Robinson'10/11/28川本稔子
No.832 Wade In The Water32 Niels B.Poulsen'10/11/28Sam Arvidson
No.831 Beat Of Your Heart64 Sam Arvidson & Toshiko K. & Yu'10/11/27Sam Arvidson
No.830 Waka Waka32 Roy Hoeben'10/11/27川本稔子
No.829 Box It Up32 Craig Bennett'10/11/27川本稔子
No.828 It's Not OK64* Sam Arvidson & Toshiko K. & Yu'10/11/27Sam Arvidson
No.827 Cyclone32 Rachael McEnaney & D.Szekely'10/11/27川本稔子
No.826 Country Roads32 Kate Sala'10/11/17渡辺未央
No.825 Haunted32 Paul McAdam'10/11/17渡辺未央
No.824 Make You Sweat32 Ria Vos'10/11/10渡辺未央
No.823 Seduced32 Ira Weisburd'10/11/6田村かおる
No.822 Nightclub Basic MIO16 Mio Watanabe'10/10/30渡辺未央-
No.820 Crazy Devils64 Craig B. & Guyton M. & R.Fowler'10/10/27渡辺未央-
No.819 Cooler Than Grace64* Lee Easton'10/10/3Lee Easton
No.818 Easy Waltz24 Joachim Armbruster'10/10/3J.Armbruster
No.817 Lady Madonna32 Fabienne Henshall'10/10/3F.Henshall
No.816 With Piano32 Fabienne Henshall'10/10/2F.Henshall-
No.815 My Baby Cares Just For Me32 Lee Easton'10/10/2Lee Easton-
No.814 Telephonic32 Lee Easton'10/10/2Lee Easton
No.813 Oopsy Daisy32 Joachim Armbruster'10/10/2J.Armbruster-
No.812 You Tell Me32 Joenan Aus'10/9/26黒澤克實-
No.811 Dawning32 Daniel Trepat'10/9/26鷹取知世-
No.810 Seven Nation Army32 Kevin Stouthande &'10/9/26末木敏子-
No.809 Cumbia Amore32 Ira Weisburd'10/9/15渡辺未央
No.808 Snap Your Fingers64 Rachael McEnaney'10/9/8渡辺未央
No.807 Everything I Do32 Rachael McEnaney'10/8/11渡辺未央
No.805 Tennessee Waltz Suprise32 Andy Chumbley'10/8/4渡辺未央
No.804 Jungle Boogie96 Tom Mickers'10/7/21渡辺未央
No.803 Tic Tok DRoP64 Guyton Mundy & R.G & W.Craig'10/7/7渡辺未央
No.802 Valentino64 Michele Burton & Michael Barr'10/7/4Jo Thompson S.
No.801 BB's Gone48 Miquel Menendez'10/7/4Miquel M.
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.800 Dog-gone Blues48 Jo Thompson S. & M.Burton &'10/7/4Jo Thompson S.
No.799 Stop Crying32 Cati Torrella'10/7/4Miquel M.-
No.798 Zenyatta's Waltz48 Michele Burton'10/7/3Jo Thompson S.
No.797 Say Hey32 Neil Smith'10/7/3Miquel M.
No.796 Hello Dolly32 Lorraine Kurtela'10/7/3Jo Thompson S.
No.795 Made In The USA32 Miquel Menendez'10/7/3Miquel M.-
No.794 A Little Love32 Jo Thompson S. & M.Burton &'10/7/3Jo Thompson S.
No.793 Make Me Wanna Dance128* Swing Kings'10/7/2Miquel M.-
No.792 Oh Ruby!80* Debbie McLaughlin'10/7/2Jo Thompson S.
No.791 Mary, Mary48 Darren Bailey'10/7/2Miquel M.-
No.790 Fortune Foxtrot32 Jo Thompson Szymanski'10/7/2Jo Thompson S.
No.789 Rio de Janeiro64 Roy Verdonk and Wil Bos'10/7/2Miquel M.-
再 No. 105 Jukebox64 Jo Thompson'10/7/2Jo Thompson S.
No.788 Rhyme Or Reason64 Rachael McEnaney'10/6/30渡辺未央
No.787 Sakura Festa32 Tom Mickers'10/6/30渡辺未央
No.786 Walking In The Rain64 Maggie Gallagher'10/6/9渡辺未央
No.785 Hands Up32 Craig Bennett'10/6/6岩井英恵
No.784 Sorrento64 Michele Perron & Max Perry'10/6/6木崎洋子-
No.783 TJ Cha48 Raymond & Line Sariemijn'10/6/6岩井英恵
No.782 Medina64 Niels B.Poulsen'10/6/6木崎洋子-
No.781 Have I Told You Lately?32 Jo Thompson S. & Kathy H.'10/6/2渡辺未央
No.780 What A Feeling!32 Mark Cosenza & G.P & E.Y'10/5/26渡辺未央
No.779 Unchain My Heart32 Raymond & Line Sariemijn'10/5/19渡辺未央
No.778 Broken Heels64 Jo&John Kinser & Mark Furnell'10/5/12渡辺未央
No.777 Some Kind Of Wonderful32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'10/5/9堀田裕子-
No.776 Blame It On The Girls64 Kate Sara'10/5/9馬場進一郎-
No.775 One Last Dance40 Maria Maag & J.T.Andersen'10/5/9井口和博
No.774 Ridin'(*)32 Dave Ingram'10/4/29後藤三千代-
No.773 Flashdance(*)64 Debbie Hogg'10/4/29鷹取知世
No.772 Feel Like A Fool48 Sue Wilkinson'10/4/28渡辺未央-
No.771 Sexy Baby32 Raymond & Line Sariemijn'10/4/28渡辺未央
No.770 Hippy Dippy Mambo32 Sue Ann Ehmann'10/4/18落合真由美-
No.769 Rain Against My Window32 Michele Barr'10/4/18小笠原マーサ
No.768 Chica Boom Boom32 Vikki Morris'10/4/18落合真由美
No.767 Shock32 Steven Hinerman'10/4/3田村かおる-
No.766 Rockin' Robin64 Emily Drinkall'10/3/31渡辺未央-
No.765 Sentimental48 Rachael McEnaney'10/3/31渡辺未央
No.764 Fiona32 Michael Barr'10/3/21友原真美-
No.763 Bobbi With An I48 Rachael McEnaney'10/3/21高野啓子-
No.762 Cowboy Casanova32 Doug G.Blevins'10/3/21黒澤克實-
No.761 Americano158* Simon Ward & Maddison Glover'10/3/21Lily Iguchi
No.760 On State Street64 Farly & Lily Iguchi'10/3/21井口和博-
No.759 Junk Yard Dog32 Clare Bull'10/3/21三田純子-
No.758 J&M Mambo32 Gaye Teather'10/3/21外山茂
再 No. 072 Smooth Criminal64 Barry Porter &'10/3/20田村かおる
No.757 Baby Kate32 Niels B.Poulsen'10/2/24渡辺未央-
No.756 Miracle of Love32 Taro Takayama'10/2/20田村かおる-
No.755 Action32 Darren "Daz" Bailey'10/2/10渡辺未央ANI
No.754 Cupid Shuffle32 Cupid'10/1/20渡辺未央
No.753 64964 Judy McDonald'10/1/13渡辺未央-
No.752 Spanish Fly32 Debbie McLaughlin'09/12/13外山茂-
No.751 It's Line Dance Day164 Michele Burton'09/12/13小笠原マーサ-
No.750 And I Love You So32 Lily Iguchi'09/12/13Lily Iguchi
No.749 Mexicali64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'09/12/13三田純子-
No.748 Leave The Boat32 Rachael McEnaney'09/11/29Pim van Grootel
No.747 It's Your World48 Daniel Trepat & Craig Bennett'09/11/29Daniel Trepat
No.746 Funky Project32 Daniel Trepat'09/11/29Daniel Trepat
No.745 Mi Rowsu32 Dj.Alex Boone & Daniel & Pim & Raymond'09/11/29Pim van Grootel
No.744 Tequila32 Pim van Grootel & Nina Danner'09/11/28Pim van Grootel
No.743 Hush64 Pim van Grootel & Nina Danner'09/11/28Pim van Grootel
No.742 Coochie Bang Bang64 Scott Blevins'09/11/7田村かおる-
No.741 Crazier Than Usual32 Emily Drinkall'09/10/28渡辺未央
No.740 Playing With Fire64 Craig Bennett'09/10/25外山茂
No.739 Louisiana Swing32 Kate Sala & R.McGowan Hickie'09/10/25末木敏子-
No.738 Hurt Don't Know32 Dee Musk'09/10/25外山茂
No.737 Shoes of Another Man48 Jo Thompson Szymanski'09/10/25井口和博
No.736 Sister Kate32 Ria Vos'09/10/25飯塚勢津子
No.735 Walkin' The Dog32 Juliet Hauser'09/10/25小笠原マーサ-
No.734 Moonlight Kiss64 Maggie Gallagher'09/10/17田村かおる-
No.733 Ease On Down64 Rachael McEnaney & J&B Potter'09/9/27渡辺未央-
No.731 Rodeo Blues32 Kate Sala'09/9/9渡辺未央
No.730 Boot Scootin' Boogie32 Bill Bader'09/7/29渡辺未央
No.729 Little Fool48 Kate Sala'09/7/19山浦美穂-
No.728 Time To Swing48 Andrew & Shella'09/7/19渡辺未央
No.727 Go Mama Go64 Kate Sala & R.McGowan Hickie'09/7/19ジャクソン優子-
No.726 Hotel California32 Daan Geelen'09/7/18田村かおる-
No.725 I Believe32 Daan Geelen & Tom Nijhuis'09/7/18田村かおる
No.724 Under A Spell64 Kate Sala'09/7/18田村かおる
No.723 Samba Huh64 Darren Bailey'09/7/12Roy Verdonk
No.722 Follow Me64 Sam A. & Toshiko Kawamoto'09/7/12川本稔子
No.721 What You Gonna Do WithTheBand48 Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk'09/7/12Roy Verdonk
No.720 The Angels Cried36 Roy Verdonk &'09/7/12Roy Verdonk
No.719 The Blues Is Alright48 Pim van Grootel & Roy Verdonk'09/7/11Roy Verdonk
No.718 Do The Hoedown96 Roy Verdonk & Pim & Raymond S. &'09/7/11Roy Verdonk-
No.717 El Mismo Tren64 Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos'09/7/11Roy Verdonk-
No.716 The LaLa Dance32 Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk'09/7/11Roy Verdonk-
No.715 Rise32 Daniel Trepat & '09/7/10川本稔子ANI
No.714 Redcoat Tiger64 Maggie Gallagher'09/7/10Roy Verdonk-
No.713 Strobe lights64 Rachael McEnaney'09/7/10川本稔子-
No.712 Angie32 Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos & Raymond S.'09/7/10Roy Verdonk
No.711 Poker Face64 Craig Bennett'09/7/10川本稔子
No.710 The Way To Your Heart32 Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk &'09/7/10Roy Verdonk-
No.709 Count To Ten64 Peter & Alison'09/6/20田村かおる-
No.708 Dance Some More32 Judy Rodgers'09/6/6田村かおる-
No.707 Mojo Rhythm48 Rob Fowler'09/6/6田村かおる
No.706 Country As Can Be32 Suzanne Wilson'09/6/6田村かおる
No.705 Keywest48 Kate Sala & R.McGowan Hickie'09/6/6田村かおる-
No.704 J Ho64 Maggie Gallagher'09/5/30Maggie Gallagher-
No.703 Sting Me32 Pam Leader & Raymond C.Jr'09/5/30大橋由紀子
No.702 Breathe Slow64 Maggie Gallagher'09/5/30Maggie Gallagher
No.701 Boyfreiend Of The Year64 Yvonne Anderson'09/5/30富谷美智子-
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.700 Drowsy Maggie32 Maggie Gallagher'09/5/30Maggie Gallagher
No.698 T'Morrow Never Knows32 Maggie Gallagher'09/5/30Maggie Gallagher-
No.697 Treat Her Right48 Maggie Gallagher'09/5/30Maggie Gallagher-
No.696 Wanna Be Elvis32 Robbie McGowan Hickie'09/5/30富谷美智子-
No.695 Georgia On Fast Train32 Setsuko Motoki'09/5/30元木節子-
No.694 Bossy...a little bit32 Michele Perron'09/5/30大橋由紀子-
No.693 No More Cloudy Days32 Alan G. Birchall'09/5/30大橋由紀子
No.692 Life Without U64 Maggie Gallagher'09/5/30Maggie Gallagher-
No.691 Get Involved32 Paul McAdam'09/5/30大橋由紀子-
No.690 This & That32 Gary Lafferty'09/5/30小笠原マーサ-
No.688 Could It Be You32 Maggie Gallagher'09/5/23田村かおる-
No.687 Baila Baila Conmigo32 Dee Musk'09/5/23田村かおる-
No.686 Addicted32 Rachael McEnaney'09/5/17渡辺未央
No.685 Broken Glass64 Scott Blevins'09/4/29渡辺未央-
No.684 Jailhouse Creole32 Double Trouble'09/4/19愛甲直美-
No.683 Amame Un Poquito32 Forty Arroya'09/4/19小笠原マーサ-
No.682 Latino!32 Sam A. & Toshiko Kawamoto'09/4/19川本稔子
No.681 Head Phones64 Maggie Gallagher'09/4/18田村かおる-
No.680 Amame64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'09/4/18田村かおる
No.679 Sugar Lips48 Junior Willis & John H.Robinson'09/4/4田村かおる-
No.678 Dance with Feeling48 Michiyo Kurita'09/4/4田村かおる-
No.677 Memphis Master64 Rachael McEnaney'09/3/22Rachael McEnaney-
No.676 Toes32 Rachael McEnaney'09/3/22Rachael McEnaney
No.675 I'll Tell You What32 Scott Blevins'09/3/22Scott Blevins-
No.674 Hight Heels32 Tom Mickers'09/3/22Tom Mickers
No.673 JR Drop48 R.McEnaney & J.Langstaff'09/3/22Rachael McEnaney
No.672 All Night Long32 Tom Mickers'09/3/21Tom Mickers-
No.671 Breakin Dishes32 Michele Perron'09/3/21Scott Blevins-
No.670 Lost In You40 Rachael McEnaney'09/3/21Rachael McEnaney
No.669 Signed Sealed Delivered32 Tom Mickers'09/3/21Tom Mickers
No.668 Whipped(*)48 Scott Blevins'09/3/21Scott Blevins
No.667 Hesitation Blues49 Rachael McEnaney'09/3/21Rachael McEnaney
No.666 Walk of Life32 Rachael McEnaney'09/3/21Rachael McEnaney
No.665 Viva La Vida48 Rachael McEnaney'09/2/28田村かおる
No.664 Runaround Sue64 Rachael McEnaney'09/2/28田村かおる
No.663 Muchacha32 Kelli Haugen'09/2/28田村かおる
No.662 Good Time48 Jenny Cain'09/2/25渡辺未央
No.661 Prison Break64 Rachael McEnaney'09/2/25渡辺未央
No.660 Purple Rain34 Rachael McEnaney'09/1/21渡辺未央
No.659 Inhibittions64 Peter Metelnick & Alison'09/1/11友原真美-
No.658 Pick It Up32 Robbie McGowan Hickie'09/1/11井口和博-
No.657 Tonight I Wanna Cry32 Daniel Trepat'09/1/11鷹取知世
No.656 Play With Fire32 Hiroko Hotta'09/1/11堀田裕子-
No.655 She Believes32 Kate Sala'09/1/11外山茂
No.654 Make My Day32 Francien Sittrop'09/1/11外山茂
No.653 Cabo San Lucas32 Rep Ghazali'09/1/11外山茂-
No.652 Got The Time?32 Jo Thompson Szymanski'08/12/6田村かおる-
No.651 Love Trick32 Rachael McEnaney'08/12/3渡辺未央
No.650 Shama Lama Ding Dong48 Jo Thompson Szymanski'08/11/30Jo Thompson
No.649 Lady Gaga32 Michele Perron'08/11/30Scott Blevins
No.648 Jo 'n Jo Tango32 Jo Thompson S. & Rita Jo T.'08/11/30Jo ThompsonANI
No.647 Jump On This32 Maurice Rowe'08/11/30Scott Blevins
No.646 Gambler's Trick32 Juliet Hauser'08/11/30Jo Thompson
No.645 Tango Cha32 Jo Thompson S. & Deborah Szekely'08/11/29Jo Thompson
No.644 Creepin'32 Scott Blevins'08/11/29Scott Blevins
No.643 Feel32 Scott Blevins'08/11/29Scott Blevins
No.642 Why Did You Lie?48 Jo Thompson S. & Deborah Szekely'08/11/29Jo Thompson
No.641 Too Deep32 Scott Blevins'08/11/29Scott Blevins
No.640 This Country's Rockin'128 Jo Thompson S. & B&D.A Amato'08/11/19渡辺未央 (YouTube)
No.639 Celebration48 Kate Sala & Robbie M. Hickie'08/11/8加藤正子
No.638 Low Down Dirty Boogie(*)48 Jennifer Pasley-Smith'08/11/5渡辺未央
No.637 Waltz Away24 Rob Fowler'08/10/19高野啓子
No.636 How Long32 Jo Thompson Szymanski'08/10/19高安千鶴子
No.635 Shake A Tail Feather32 Farly Iguchi'08/10/19井口和博-
No.634 Hound Dog48 Jill Babinec & Judy McDonald'08/10/8渡辺未央
No.633 Hey Big Spender32 Jo & John Kinser'08/10/8渡辺未央
No.632 Duck Soup32 Frank Trace'08/9/20田村かおる
No.631 See Me32 Hazel Pace'08/9/20田村かおる-
No.630 Years From Now Waltz48 Jo Thompson Szymanski'08/9/20田村かおる
No.629 A Crazy Dream About You32 Audrey Gendre & Jeremie Tridon'08/9/10渡辺未央
No.628 Don't Stop The Music32 Sydney Smyth'08/9/10渡辺未央
No.627 Syncopated Love32 Dan Albro'08/9/6田村かおる
No.626 Fuego64 Shane Sparks & Amy Spencer'08/9/3渡辺未央
No.625 Mama Don't Dance48 Doug & Jackie Miranda'08/8/24DEMI 佐伯-
No.624 Gypsy Dance32 Sylvia Schell'08/8/24愛甲直美-
No.623 Feed The Fetish32 Scott Blevins'08/8/23田村かおる
No.622 Am I?32 Cato Larsen'08/8/23田村かおるANI
No.621 Hot Stuff(Let's Dance)32 Jon Knights'08/8/23田村かおる
No.620 Slapping Leather/38(*)38 unknown(Gayle Brandon)'08/8/6渡辺未央
No.619 Cowboy Mix64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'08/7/19田村かおる-
No.618 Sea Salt Sally96 Kate Sara'08/7/19田村かおる
No.617 Be My Girl64 H.Pitters & B.Tygesen'08/7/13小笠原マーサ-
No.616 Funkafied Blues48 Jo Thompson Szymanski'08/7/13Michele Burton
No.615 Cha-Lano32 Michele Burton'08/7/13Michael Barr
No.614 Here Comes the Rain48 M.Barr & M.Burton'08/7/13Michele Burton
No.613 Peaches & Cream32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'08/7/13Michael Barr-
No.612 Moootown Boogie64 M.Barr & M.Burton'08/7/12Michael Barr-
No.611 Amor De Hielo64 Debbie Ellis'08/7/12Michele Burton
No.610 Solo No More32 M.Barr & M.Burton'08/7/12Michael Barr
No.609 Sweet Sweet Wine32 Judy McDonald'08/7/12小笠原マーサ
No.608 Not Like That32 Robbie McGowan Hickie'08/7/5田村かおる
No.607 I'm Moving On32 Paul McAdam'08/7/2渡辺未央
No.606 Firecracker56 Robert Lindsay'08/6/4渡辺未央
No.605 Dance Dance Dance148 Taro Takayama'08/5/12鷹山太郎-
No.604 Workin 4 A Livin32 Maggie Gallagher'08/5/10鷹山太郎-
No.603 Crazy Little Thing(*)48 Chris Hodgson'08/5/10鷹山太郎
No.602 It's Murda..64 Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris'08/4/27外山茂
No.601 Run It Back32 Maggie Gallagher'08/4/27井口和博
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.600 Hold Me32 Shin-ichiro Baba'08/4/27馬場進一郎-
No.599 Sweet Memories24 Shin-ichiro Baba'08/4/27馬場進一郎
No.598 Huli Huli Chicken32 Violet Ray'08/4/27飯塚勢津子-
No.597 L'Appuntamento64 Paul Dornstedt'08/4/27飯塚勢津子
No.595 Be Boy Baby32 Craig Bennett'08/4/20小笠原マーサ
No.594 A Gigolo40 Robbie McGowan Hickie'08/4/16渡辺未央
No.593 Your Place or Mine?32 Judy McDonald'08/4/13Judy McDonald-
No.592 Give It Back32 Rachael McEnaney'08/4/13大橋由紀子
No.591 CT Girl64 Maggie Gallagher'08/4/13Mei Ling Leong-
No.590 Crazy Foot Mambo32 Paul McAdam'08/4/6小笠原マーサ
No.589 Soul Music32 Bracken Ellis'08/4/6小笠原マーサ
No.588 Lollipop32 Kate Sala'08/3/19渡辺未央
No.587 Hot Stuff(Let's Dance)!32 Jo & J.Kinser & M.Furnell'08/3/15鷹山太郎
No.586 Adalida32 Val Reeves'08/3/12渡辺未央
No.585 Big Girls Boogie32 Mavis Broom'08/3/9渡辺未央
No.584 Last Minute32 Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren'08/2/20渡辺未央
No.580 How Long32 Shin-ichiro Baba'08/2/17馬場進一郎
No.579 Papa Loves Mambo96 Masters In Line'08/2/16鷹山太郎-
No.578 Party Line Cha64 Joenan'08/2/16鷹山太郎-
No.577 True Love48 Paul Turney'08/2/16田村かおる
No.576 Country As a Boy Can Be64 Carina Slijters'08/2/10鷹山太郎
No.575 Clap Together32 Lily, Tokyo Japan'08/2/3飯塚勢津子
No.574 Takin' Off The Edge64 Michael Barr'08/2/3末木敏子-
No.573 Hickory Lake32 Ron Welters'08/2/3鷹取知世
No.572 My Heart Broken Too32 Josefin Blomkvist'08/2/3友原真美
No.571 Sail Away Cha32 Scott Blevins'08/1/30渡辺未央
No.570 Fire and Snow Waltz24 Norma Jean Fuller'08/1/26田村かおる
No.569 Batter Up!32 John H.Robinson'08/1/26鷹山太郎-
No.568 Country Girl32 Rob Fowler'08/1/12鷹山太郎
No.567 Sexy Oreo64 Doug & Jackie Miranda &'07/12/19渡辺未央
No.566 Pump it (MIL)48 Masters In Line'07/12/15鷹山太郎-
No.565 Made 4 U32 Todd Lescarbeau'07/12/12渡辺未央
No.564 Swing Baby, Swing40 Nancy A.Morgan'07/12/5渡辺未央
No.563 Ding Ding Dong64Zac Detweiller &'07/11/25B.McWherter-
No.562 Shades64 John H.Robinson &'07/11/25J.H.Robinson
No.561 Turnip Greens32Evelyn Haling'07/11/25B.McWherter
No.560 Global Warming32 Scott Schrank'07/11/25J.H.Robinson
No.559 Dare 2 Luv32 John H.Robinson &'07/11/25J.H.Robinson
No.558 Lost In The Music72 Scott and A.J.Herbert'07/11/24J.H.Robinson
No.557 Charleston Freeze32 A.J.Herbert & John H.Robinson'07/11/24J.H.Robinson-
No.556 W.T.F.(what the Funk?)32Bryan McWherter'07/11/24B.McWherter
No.555 Clouds In My Eyes36 John H.Robinson &'07/11/24J.H.Robinson
No.554 World On A String32 Patrick Fleming'07/11/24B.McWherter
No.553 Saturn 548 Kate Sala'07/11/18高野啓子
No.552 Loving Friends32 Dougie D'07/11/18三田純子-
No.551 Shim Sham Boogie64 Susan Clark'07/11/18栗田道代-
No.550 We Got It54 Crazy Chris'07/11/3鷹山太郎-
No.549 Sexy Back64 Shaz Walton & Ben Martin'07/10/31渡辺未央
No.548 Serendipty24 Taro Takayama'07/10/27鷹山太郎-
No.547 Dhoom! Dhoom!64 Amy Christian &'07/10/20鷹山太郎-
No.546 The Lemon Tree32 Kim Ray'07/10/14田村かおる
No.545 Don't Push Me32 Maggie Gallagher'07/10/14井口和博-
No.544 Poison Paradise32 Scott Blevins'07/10/14高野啓子-
No.543 Tennessee Touch32 Pepper Siquieros'07/9/22鷹山太郎
No.542 Body To Body32 Francien Sittrop'07/9/22鷹山太郎
No.541 Like It Loud48 Nancy A Morgan &'07/9/22田村かおる-
No.540 I Want It All32 Ed Lawton & Darren Bailey'07/9/19渡辺未央
No.539 Rainbow Connection48 Doug & Jackie Miranda'07/9/5渡辺未央-
No.538 Country Walkin'32 Teree Desarro'07/9/5渡辺未央
No.537 Pump It32 Raymond Sariemijn'07/9/1鷹山太郎-
No.536 Mr Luver80 Kenny J'07/9/1田村かおる-
No.535 Less In Time48 Bracken Ellis'07/8/25田村かおる
No.534 Soul Energy48 Michele Perron'07/8/19飯塚勢津子
No.533 Eye Candy32 Gerard Murphy'07/8/19高野啓子
No.532 Stay Another Day32 Robbie McGowan Hickie'07/8/19高野啓子
No.531 Burning32 Cato Larsen'07/8/19栗田道代
No.530 To Love You More...32 Neville Fitzgerald'07/8/18鷹山太郎
No.529 Doors Of Life48 Michael Barr'07/8/4田村かおる
No.528 Nightclub Italiano32 Rob Fowler'07/8/4田村かおる
No.527 Almaz32 Kim Ray'07/8/2飯塚勢津子
No.526 Travelin' Music64 Dennis Robbins'07/8/2飯塚勢津子-
No.525 Big Love32 Robbie McGowan Hickie'07/8/2飯塚勢津子-
No.524 To Love Somebody32 Peter & Alison'07/8/2飯塚勢津子
No.523 Mambo Baby48 Max Perry'07/8/2飯塚勢津子-
No.522 Simply Mambo32 V.Myers & D.Randle'07/8/2飯塚勢津子
No.521 Run It32 Jose Miquel'07/7/18渡辺未央-
No.520 Rock This Party64 Simon Ward'07/7/14鷹山太郎-
No.519 Come Anytime64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'07/7/14鷹山太郎-
No.518 Back In Town32 Judy McDonald'07/7/11渡辺未央
No.517 Trans-Am Japan32 Lee Easton'07/7/11渡辺未央
No.516 Rio32 Diana Lowery'07/7/11渡辺未央ANI
No.515 Boogie Wanna Dance64 Barry & D.Anne Amato &'07/6/10Jackie Miranda
No.514 My Sweet Guy64 Doug & Jackie Miranda'07/6/10Jackie Miranda-
No.513 Fanilow Eyes100 Doug & Jackie Miranda'07/6/10Jackie Miranda
No.512 Madhouse to the Max48 Doug & Jackie Miranda'07/6/10Doug Miranda
No.511 Everything's Right64 Doug & Jackie Miranda'07/6/10Jackie Miranda
No.510 Scotch Mist72 Doug & Jackie Miranda'07/6/10Doug Miranda-
No.509 Head Over Heels56 Andrew, Simson and Sheila'07/6/9鷹山太郎-
No.508 Destination Dancefloor76 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'07/6/9田村かおる
No.507 Gigolo40 Lisen Persson'07/6/9田村かおる
No.506 Bad Mama Jamma48 Tom Mickers'07/4/14鷹山太郎
No.504 Larger Than Life48 Simon Ward'07/3/11富谷美智子
No.503 Arabian Nights48 Marthe Thibeault'07/3/4友原真美
No.502 Crazy Cha64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'07/3/4飯塚勢津子
No.501 ... And Fell In Love32 Michael Barr'07/3/4小笠原マーサ
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.500 Love Is Alive16 Birthe Tygesen'07/3/4田村かおる
No.499 Bad Places32 Minna Liljamo'07/2/10鷹山太郎-
No.498 2 hell and back32 Rob Fowler & Kate Sala'07/2/10鷹山太郎-
No.497 Bayou Blues32 Karla & Paul Dornstedt'07/1/21友原真美-
No.496 Heart Of An Angel48 William Brown'07/1/21高野啓子-
No.495 When Stars Go Blue32 Gaye Teather'07/1/21末木敏子-
No.493 Betty Lou's Boogie48 Anita McNab'07/1/21井口和博-
No.492 Ami Oh32 Vivienne Scott'07/1/21井口和博-
No.491 Naughty But Nice32 Patricia E.Stott'07/1/21三田純子-
No.490 Dimension Cha32 Rachael McEnaney'07/1/20鷹山太郎
No.489 Bomshel Stomp48 J.Marshall & K.Hedges'07/1/20鷹山太郎-
No.488 Snap Your Fingers32 Barry & Dari Anne Amato'06/11/19D.Anne Amato-
No.487 San Antonio Stroll32 Jo Thompson Szymanski'06/11/19D.Anne Amato
No.486 Drifter32 Barry & Dari Anne Amato'06/11/19Barry Amato-
No.485 Don't Mind Messin'32 Barry Amato'06/11/19Barry Amato
No.482 Diver-sity32 Barry & Dari Anne Amato'06/11/18D.Anne Amato
No.481 Maybe Not Tonight32 Doug & Jackie Miranda'06/11/18D.Anne Amato
No.480 Juicy48 Michele Perron'06/11/18Barry Amato
No.479 Shattered Dreams32 Barry Amato'06/11/18Barry Amato
No.478 Toppertje32 Esther Leenen'06/11/5井口和博-
No.477 Behind Closed Doors64 Norman Gifford'06/11/5飯塚勢津子
No.476 Falling Leaves Concerto32 Taro Takayama'06/11/5鷹山太郎
No.475 Cha-Jin32 Michiyo Kurita'06/11/5栗田道代-
No.474 Walking Papers32 Junko Sanda'06/11/5三田純子-
No.473 Kicking And Screaming96 Mami Tomohara'06/11/5友原真美-
No.472 Animal City32 Etsuko Sugahara'06/11/5菅原悦子-
No.471 Let's Get Party32 Taro Takayama'06/11/5鷹山太郎-
No.470 All That I Am..48 N.Fitzgerald & J.Harris'06/10/1栗田道代
No.469 Da Buzz48 Robbie McGowan Hickie'06/10/1高野啓子
No.468 Romance32 Pim Humphrey'06/10/1三田純子-
No.467 Cherry Poppin'72 N.Fitzgerald & J.Harris'06/10/1井口和博-
No.466 Leaving Of Liverpool32 Maggie Gallagher'06/10/1堀田裕子-
No.465 Can't Fight Fate44 Simon Ward, R.Kumre &'06/9/21飯塚勢津子-
No.464 Dellcious32 Raymond Sariemijn &'06/9/21飯塚勢津子-
No.463 Waikiki Cowboy32 Mark Cosenza'06/9/21飯塚勢津子-
No.462 Dance With Me BB48 Ed and Dot Vagley &'06/9/21飯塚勢津子-
No.461 Only You32 Gerard Murphy'06/9/9鷹山太郎-
No.460 Let's Get Drunk32 Chris Seguin'06/9/9鷹山太郎-
No.459 Hey? People32 Guyton Mundy'06/8/31飯塚勢津子-
No.458 Baby Rumba32 Stephen Rutter'06/8/31井口和博-
No.457 LOL64 Kate Sala'06/8/31井口和博-
No.456 Cold Hard Cash32 John H.Robinson'06/8/31飯塚勢津子
No.455 Solo Humano40 Debbie Ellis'06/8/31飯塚勢津子-
No.454 Got To Have You48 Sobrielo Philip Gene'06/8/12鷹山太郎-
No.453 Mr Pinstripe32 Simon Ward'06/7/29鷹山太郎
No.452 Love Will Keep Us Alive32 Doug & Jackie Miranda'06/7/29鷹山太郎-
No.451 Swing Time Boogie(*)64 Scott Blevins'06/7/29鷹山太郎
No.450 Holding A Dreams48 Phil Dennington'06/7/16栗田道代-
No.449 Natural Flow32 The Girls'06/7/16三田純子-
No.448 Bridge Of Dreams48 JJ'06/7/16弦本淳
No.447 Stupid Cupid48 Joanne Brady'06/7/16友原真美-
No.446 King Of The Road32 Barry Amato'06/7/15杉渕章子-
No.445 Bop The B32 Kathy Brown'06/7/15野口玲子-
No.444 Funky Country32 Kathy Heller'06/7/15小笠原マーサ-
No.443 Just LeDoux It!32 Kathy Gurdjian'06/6/11木崎洋子-
No.442 Talk To You Mama48 M.Barr & M.Burton'06/6/11木崎洋子-
No.441 Woman Trouble64 Val Myers'06/6/10田村かおる-
No.440 I Don't Want To Say Goodbye48 Setsuko Motoki'06/6/10田村かおる-
No.439 Inside Your Heaven32 Masters In Line(Rachael)'06/6/10鷹山太郎-
No.438 Dance-Zone32 Vivienne scott'06/6/10鷹山太郎-
No.437 Where R U?32 Mark Cosenza'06/6/1飯塚勢津子-
No.436 Queen Of My Heart60 Doug & Jackie Miranda'06/6/1飯塚勢津子-
No.435 Bad Boy Tango32 Kate Sala'06/6/1飯塚勢津子
No.434 If I Only Knew32 Setsuko Motoki'06/5/13田村かおる-
No.433 Just Dream32 Doug & Jackie Miranda'06/5/4飯塚勢津子
No.432 Oh Venus32 Doug & Jackie Miranda'06/5/4飯塚勢津子-
No.431 I Am Afraid..32 Neville Fitzgerald'06/4/20飯塚勢津子-
No.430 Shake It Down40 Dee Musk'06/4/20飯塚勢津子-
No.429 Ho Yau Ying32 Masters In Line'06/4/20飯塚勢津子
No.428 Show Me More32 Gaye Teather'06/4/13Michael Barr
No.427 Soul To Soul32 M.Barr & M.Burton'06/4/9Michele Burton
No.426 Just A Matter of Time32 Michael Barr'06/4/9Michael Barr
No.425 Go Greased Lightning112 Michele Burton'06/4/8Michele Burton-
No.424 Fast Jive32 Tom Mickers'06/4/8大橋由紀子
No.423 Nothin' But Taillights32 DJ Dan & Wynette Miller'06/4/8Michael Barr
No.422 Second Chance Waltz48 Michele Burton'06/4/8大橋由紀子
No.421 Love In The Air32 Roy Verdonk &'06/4/8冨谷美智子
No.420 Hollaback32 Judy McDonald'06/4/8大橋由紀子-
No.419 Double XL32 Rick & Debra Bates'06/4/8Michael Barr
No.418 You Raise Me Up32 Shin-Ichiro Baba'06/4/2馬場進一郎-
No.417 Kill The Spiders32 Gaye Teather'06/4/2小笠原マーサ
No.416 Kiss & Make Up32 Maggie Gallagher'06/4/2玉本美保-
No.415 Fool No More48 Andrew, Simon & Shella'06/4/2井口和博-
No.414 Doo Wop32 Jan Wyllie'06/4/1小笠原マーサ-
No.413 Mambolina32 Kate Sala'06/4/1杉渕章子
No.412 It's Up To You32 Kim Ray'06/3/30飯塚勢津子-
No.411 Brand New Girlfriend32 T.Lawrence & V.Fisher'06/3/30飯塚勢津子-
No.410 This Little Light64 Jo & Rita Thompson'06/3/30飯塚勢津子
No.409 Dancin' Shoes Mixer(*)32 Jo Thompson'06/3/18馬場進一郎-
No.408 Guajira32 A.T.Kinson'06/3/18川本稔子
No.407 You're Beautiful32 Shin-Ichiro Baba'06/3/18馬場進一郎-
No.406 With These Eyes32 Darren Bailey & Niels B.Poulsen'06/3/18Lilian Lo
No.405 Crabbuckit32 Gerard Murphy'06/3/18川本稔子-
No.404 Drivin' Me Crazy64 Jo & John Kinser'06/3/18栗田道代-
No.403 What It Is?32 Scott Blevins'06/3/18高野啓子-
No.402 The Reel Thing32 Maggie Gallagher'06/3/18Lilian Lo-
No.401 Geek In The Pink32 Johanna Barns'06/3/16飯塚勢津子ANI
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.400 Jambalaya32 Taro Takayama'06/3/11鷹山太郎-
No.399 Talk About It80 Joy Huggins'06/3/2飯塚勢津子-
No.398 Keep On Dancing64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'06/3/2飯塚勢津子-
No.397 Evergreen40 Karen Hunn'06/2/25鷹山太郎-
No.396 Venus32 Gerard Murphy &'06/2/16飯塚勢津子
No.395 Push The Button64 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'06/2/16飯塚勢津子-
No.394 Aquarius32 John H.Robinson'06/2/16飯塚勢津子
No.393 Bosa Nova64 Phil Dennington'06/2/16飯塚勢津子
No.392 Replay32 Scott Blevins'06/2/11鷹山太郎
No.391 Sweet Dreams32 Patricia E. Stott'06/1/29鷹山太郎
No.390 Busted32 Shin-Ichiro Baba'06/1/15馬場進一郎-
No.389 Feels So Good!96 Amy Christian'06/1/15飯塚勢津子-
No.388 Too Much32 Barry Amato'06/1/15井口和博-
No.387 All Jacked Up32 Christy Fox'05/12/24外山茂-
No.386 Never & Forever24 Rob Fowler'05/12/24外山茂-
No.385 Country Drive96 Doug & Jackie Miranda'05/12/10鷹山太郎
No.384 The Last Samba48 Vincent & Felicia Chia'05/12/10田村かおる
No.383 Hands Up!96 Chen Kuo-Wei'05/12/4Doug Miranda-
No.382 Staying Alive124 Doug & Jackie Miranda'05/12/4Jackie Miranda-
No.381 All Night Boogie32 Paul McAdam'05/11/27Paul McAdam-
No.380 Country Twang Thang64 Masters in Line'05/11/27Rachael McEnaney
No.379 Betcha Neva32 Rob Flowler'05/11/27Rachael McEnaney
No.378 Cha Cha Groove32 Masters in Line'05/11/27Paul McAdam-
No.377 End Of The Road96 Rachael McEnaney'05/11/26Rachael McEnaney
No.376 Quand'0564 Masters in Line'05/11/26Rachael McEnaney
No.375 Love Aloud64 Masters in Line'05/11/26Paul McAdam
No.374 Careless Whisper32 Paul McAdam'05/11/26Paul McAdam
No.373 Be Strong32 Andrey Watson'05/10/20堀田裕子
No.372 Longer32 Phil Partridge'05/10/8鷹山太郎-
No.371 You Can Dance104 Doug & Jackie Miranda'05/10/6堀田裕子-
No.370 Rockin'32 Anita McNab'05/9/15堀田裕子-
No.369 Mini Mariana32 Jan Welsh'05/9/15堀田裕子
No.368 Irish Stew32 Lois Lightfoot'05/9/15堀田裕子
No.367 432 Cha Cha32 Bracken Ellis'05/9/1堀田裕子
No.366 Badonkadonk32 Hot Pepper'05/8/4堀田裕子-
No.365 Make It Up32 Maggie Gallagher'05/7/21堀田裕子
No.364 Roman Holiday64 Max Perry'05/7/21堀田裕子
No.363 Dana's Dream64 Max Perry'05/7/17飯塚勢津子
No.362 What Da Fuss32 Yvonne Anderson'05/7/17菅原悦子
No.361 Keep It Burnin'32 John H. Robinson &'05/7/17外山茂-
No.360 Black Horse32 Kate Sala'05/7/17友原真美
No.359 Soluna64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'05/7/17高野啓子
No.358 I Play The Chicken With The Train32 Barry Amato &'05/7/17栗田道代
No.357 You'll Never Know32 Barry Amato'05/7/17井口和博
No.356 Singapore River24 Felicia Tan'05/6/30堀田裕子-
No.355 The ANTS Dance64 Michele Burton'05/6/18鈴木弘-
No.354 Get in Line32 Max Perry'05/6/16堀田裕子-
No.353 I said I Love You68 T.Lawrence & V.Fisher'05/6/2堀田裕子-
No.352 Don't Matter32 Wendy Meesters &'05/4/26Roy Verdonk-
No.351 Cloud Of Dust64 Setsuko Motoki'05/4/24元木節子-
No.350 Urban Grace32 Masters In Line'05/4/24冨谷美智子-
No.349 Tribute32 Roy Verdonk &'05/4/24Roy Verdonk-
No.348 Dance All Night32 Roy Hadisubroto'05/4/24大橋由紀子-
No.347 Step in The Name of Love16 Unknown'05/4/23Unknown-
No.346 Trust Me64 Geri Morrison'05/4/23Roy Verdonk
No.345 Miss Honky Tonk32 Jeremie Tridon'05/4/23菅原遊
No.344 Love Bug32 Triple xXx'05/4/23Roy Verdonk
No.343 Like A Star32 Brackem Ellis'05/4/21堀田裕子
No.342 Evil Girl48 Joanne Brady'05/4/21堀田裕子-
No.341 Tennesse Blues64 Audrey Watson'05/4/17栗田道代-
No.340 Let Me Get Mine32 Katie Adams'05/4/17菅原悦子
No.339 Caught In The Act64 Ann Wood'05/4/17高野啓子
No.338 Under Your Spell48 Bracken Ellis'05/4/17井口和博
No.337 Little Patch of Heaven32 Doug & Jackie Miranda'05/4/7堀田裕子
No.336 Mockingbird32 Barry Durand'05/3/27Scott Blevins
No.335 Street Soul32 Masters In Line'05/3/27Scott Blevins
No.334 Have Fun, Go Mad32 Scott Blevins'05/3/27Scott Blevins
No.333 Envious32 Crazy Chris Adams'05/3/27Scott Blevins
No.332 Party Till Dawn32 Scott Blevins'05/3/27Scott Blevins-
No.331 Going All The Way!64 T.Lawrence & V.Fisher'05/3/27Scott Blevins
No.330 Day dreaming32 Peter Metelnick'05/3/17堀田裕子
No.329 Hit The Road Jack32 Ian Dunn'05/3/3堀田裕子
No.328 Moon Time32 Bill Bader'05/3/3堀田裕子-
No.327 Storybook Ending48 Neil Hale'05/2/11Show-Ming Lu
No.326 Wishes64 Vivienne Scott'05/2/11Show-Ming Lu
No.325 Cool Whip32 Judy McDonald'05/2/11Lilian Lo
No.324 The Right Way32 Dee Musk'05/2/11Show-Ming Lu
No.323 Tap & Go32 Rosie Multari'05/1/20堀田裕子
No.322 Where We've Been32 Lane Harvey Wilson'05/1/10井口和博
No.321 Mind Your Manners32 Kathy Hunyadi'05/1/10高安千鶴子-
No.320 Don't Want None32 Neville Fitzgerald'05/1/10外山茂-
No.319 Flying48 Maggie Gallagher'05/1/10栗田道代-
No.318 Funkalicious32 Masters In Line'05/1/10馬場進一郎
No.317 Rocky Top '96-'0432 Kevin & Rena Ward'05/1/9小笠原マーサ
No.316 The King & I48 Christy Fox'05/1/6堀田裕子
No.315 A Kind Of Hush32 Gaye Teather'04/12/16堀田裕子
No.314 Save The Horse32 John Dembiec'04/11/28後藤三千代-
No.313 Sun Up32 Mary Kelly'04/11/28野口玲子
No.312 Unmistakably Good32 Masters In Line'04/11/28 高木敏子
No.311 My Soul Education32 Michael Barr'04/11/27酒井理恵-
No.310 Poetry In Motion32 Masters In Line'04/11/27 小出智加子
No.309 Time To Get Up32 Guyton Mundy'04/11/27 小笠原マーサ-
No.308 Cario32 Jordan Jay'04/10/11大橋由紀子-
No.307 Nu Flow40 Masters In Line'04/10/11大橋由紀子-
No.306 High Class Broads96 Joanne Brady &'04/10/11木崎洋子-
No.305 Rhythm Of The Falling Rain32 T.Lawrence & V.Fisher'04/10/11三浦敏是-
No.303 My Waltz24 Else A-J.Lillefuhr'04/10/11鈴木弘
No.302 Saddle Up32 Mary Kelly'04/10/7堀田裕子
No.301 Zest Appeal48 Michele Perron'04/10/3 井口和博
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.300 Dreams Of Deceit32 Raymond S. & Roy V. & Darren B.'04/10/3外山茂
No.299 Snap Happy64 Diana Dawson'04/10/3鈴木玲子-
No.298 Push32 Michele Perron'04/10/3栗田道代
No.297 Can I Have This Dance32 Ed Lawton'04/10/3水野貢-
No.296 A 1000 Miles36 Karen Hunn'04/10/3友原真美-
No.295 Billie Blue Lights48 Michael Barr'04/10/3杉渕&石井
No.294 Another Chance32 Kevin S. & Rena Ward'04/10/2鷹山太郎
No.293 Simply Cha Cha32 Barry Durand'04/10/2小笠原マーサ
No.292 Uh-Huh32 Jo & Rita Thompson'04/7/19小笠原マーサ-
No.291 Barefootin'32 Jo & Rita Thompson'04/7/19小笠原マーサ
No.290 Cut A Rug32 Jo & Rita Thompson'04/7/19小出智加子
No.289 Just Because32 Jo & Rita Thompson'04/7/19小出智加子-
No.288 Cajun Thang32 Jo & Rita Thompson'04/7/19高木敏子
No.287 Swingin' Thing32 Jo & Rita Thompson'04/7/19高木敏子-
No.286 Porushka Poranya32 Gary Lafferty'04/7/19酒井理恵
No.285 Beer For My Horses40 Christine Bass'04/7/19山田さとみ
No.284 Imagine32 Bryan McWherter'04/7/18高野啓子-
No.283 Sunset Stampede64 Ian St. Leon'04/7/18カーク下山
No.282 I Just Called32 Joan O'Gorman'04/7/18友原真美
No.281 Papa Loves Mambo32 Yvonne Anderson'04/7/18栗田道代
No.280 Cheatin Heart32 Glennis Robb'04/7/18菅原悦子
No.279 Party Time!32 Peter Metelnick'04/7/18白石敬子
No.278 Triple J48 Michael Barr'04/7/17小笠原マーサ
No.277 Tarosa Time32 Taro Takayama'04/7/17鷹山太郎
No.276 Slow Burn72 K.Hunyadi & John H.Robinson'04/7/17小笠原マーサ
No.275 8-9-10(let's Do It Again!)32 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'04/7/1堀田裕子
No.274 Buy Me A Drink32 Maggie Gallagher'04/6/19鈴木弘
No.273 Strange40 Joanne Brady'04/6/19冨谷美智子
No.272 Swingin' Single32 Donna Caudill'04/6/19冨谷美智子
No.271 Stroll Along Cha Cha(*)32 John & J.Sandham'04/6/3堀田裕子
No.270 Honk If U Honky Tonk32 Holly Beamish'04/6/3堀田裕子
No.269 Anywhere32 John Whipple'04/5/29B.Barakauskas
No.268 Bobbie Sue32 A.Daugherty & T.Hand'04/5/20堀田裕子
No.267 Little Rhumba32 Donna Laurin'04/5/6堀田裕子
No.266 Chihuahua32 Audrey Watson'04/4/29冨谷美智子
No.265 OTIS32 Alan G.Birchall'04/4/18外山茂
No.264 Leave Right Now32 Mark & Jan Caley'04/4/18馬場進一郎
No.263 My Guy64 Rachael McEnaney'04/4/18飯塚勢津子
No.262 Serenity48 Masters In Line'04/4/18井口和博
No.261 Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo32 Gaye Teather'04/4/18高安千鶴子
No.260 Blame It On The Boogie32 Raymond S. & Roy V. & Darren B.'04/4/18岸エミリ
No.259 Closer32 Mary Kelly'04/4/18水野貢
No.258 Lovely Lovely32 Jan Wyllie'04/4/18井口和博
No.257 Kickin' Boots32 Kelli Haugen'04/4/15堀田裕子
No.256 Waltz Across Texas(*)48 Lois & John Nielson'04/4/15堀田裕子
No.255 Mariana Mambo64 Kate Sala'04/4/4B.Barakauskas
No.254 Long Train Running48 Doug & Jackie Miranda'04/4/4元木節子
No.253 Groove32 Barry Durand'04/4/4B.Barakauskas
No.252 Escape My Love32 Nancy A. Morgan'04/4/4佐藤倫子
No.251 Just A Kiss64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'04/4/3元木節子
No.250 Shakatak64 Kate Sala'04/4/3B.Barakauskas
No.249 1 Thin Dime64 Michele Perron'04/4/3森紀美
No.248 Newcomer Cha32 Brian Barakauskas'04/4/3B.Barakauskas
No.247 When32 Jean Thompson'04/4/3菅原遊
No.246 Basha32 Michele Perron'04/4/3大橋由紀子
No.245 "1 2 3" Waltz24 Val Myers'04/4/1堀田裕子
No.244 Cliche34 Kate Sala'04/3/21飯塚勢津子
No.243 Sir Duke48 Peter Metelnick'04/3/21末木敏子
No.242 Cokernut Waltz48 Karen Spencer'04/3/20馬場進一郎-
No.241 Cho-Co-Latte32 Yvonne Anderson'04/3/20高野啓子
No.240 Wave On Wave32 Alan Birchall'04/3/20外山茂
No.239 Chabella64 Neil Hale'04/3/20栗田道代-
No.238 Hidden Agender32 Ed Lawton & K.Haugen'04/3/20高野啓子-
No.237 Ave Maria32 Kathy Hunyadi'04/3/20馬場進一郎
No.236 Cheek to Cheek64 Rob Fowler'04/3/20栗田道代
No.235 Sugar & Pai32 Kelli Haugen'04/3/20外山茂-
No.234 Beyond The Blue32 Kathy Hunyadi'04/3/20馬場進一郎-
No.233 Mambo Jive112 Max Perry'04/3/4飯塚勢津子-
No.232 Watch Me Now80 Max Perry & Kathy &'04/2/19飯塚勢津子-
No.231 September32 Jo Thompson'04/2/11大橋由紀子
No.230 Bidness32 Scott Blevins'04/2/11大橋由紀子-
No.229 La Tenga60 Kate Sala'04/2/5飯塚勢津子
No.228 So Fine48 Max Perry'04/1/29飯塚勢津子
No.227 Unchained32 Phyllis Tom & Dan Wilson'04/1/29飯塚勢津子
No.226 Louie, Louie32 Dave "The Rave" Blake &'04/1/15飯塚勢津子
No.225 Sundown Waltz48 Robbie McGowan Hickie'04/1/15飯塚勢津子
No.224 Coastin'(*)40 Ray & Tina Yeoman'04/1/11森紀美
No.223 Holdin' Back The Water16 Michael Barr'03/11/23Michele Burton
No.222 Born To Be Blue32 Michael Barr'03/11/23Michael Barr
No.221 Swamp Thang(*)40 Max Perry'03/11/23原和美
No.220 Ooo Aah(*)48 Sal Gonzalez'03/11/23後藤三千代
No.219 Boogie Fever32 Junior Willis'03/11/23Michele Burton
No.218 31st Of April32 John Robinson'03/11/22Michele Burton
No.217 The Right To Remain Silent32 Michele Burton'03/11/22Michael Barr
No.216 Swing Your Chains32 D.Soares & S.Maguire'03/11/22Michele Burton
No.215 Allisa Waltz24 Sarah Fenn-Tye'03/11/9井口和博-
No.214 Brokenheartsville60 Peter Metelnick'03/11/9馬場進一郎
No.213 Stitch It Up64 Robbie McGowan Hickie'03/11/9高安千鶴子-
No.212 Take A Breather32 Maggie Gallagher'03/11/9高野啓子
No.211 Step On It32 Hot Pepper'03/11/9井口和博-
No.210 Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang!32 Karen Hunn'03/11/9馬場進一郎
No.209 The Beat Goes On32 Jo Thompson'03/9/6大橋由紀子
No.208 Tic Toc48 Barry Amato'03/9/6岸エミリ-
No.207 Moonlight Serenade32 Natsuko Grace'03/9/6鈴木弘-
No.206 Phloor Philla48 BryanMcWherter &'03/8/17大橋由紀子-
No.205 Red Hot Salsa64 Christina Browne'03/8/17冨谷美智子-
No.204 A'm Alive32 Bob Bonett'03/7/6鷹山太郎-
No.203 Kelli' Kickin' Waltz24 Kelli Haugen'03/7/6弦本淳
No.202 Country 2 Step40 Masters in Lines'03/7/6飯塚勢津子
No.201 Fiesta Cha Cha32 Shirley Donahey'03/7/6水野貢-
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.200 A Little Bit Of Nothin'24 Peter Metelnick'03/7/6カーク下山
No.199 Get Your Boogie Down64 M.Perry & K.Hunyadi'03/5/5Kathy Hunyadi-
No.198 Sukiyaki96 Max Perry'03/5/5Max Perry-
No.197 By Your Side32 Kathy Hunyadi'03/5/5Kathy Hunyadi-
No.196 What the World Needs225 Max Perry'03/5/5Max Perry-
No.195 Simple Life32 Kathy Hunyadi'03/5/4Kathy Hunyadi
No.194 Spanish Gypsy Dance225 Max Perry'03/5/4Max Perry-
No.193 Everywhere64 Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs'03/5/4Kathy Hunyadi
No.192 Raise Your Hands64 kervin & Rena Ward'03/5/4Max Perry
No.191 No Bridges32 Jo Thompson'03/4/15Jo Thompson
No.190 Weak In The Knees48 Kathy Hunyadi'03/4/13Jo Thompson
No.189 Heeerrre's Johnny48 M.Barr & M.Burton'03/4/13Jo Thompson
No.188 Sweet Sweet Smile32 F.Scott & J.Two-Step'03/4/13大橋由紀子
No.187 Don't Stop (Doin' It)32 Jo Thompson'03/4/12Jo Thompson
No.186 Splish Splash128 Jo Thompson'03/4/12Jo Thompson
No.185 Simply Mine32 Jo Thompson'03/4/12Jo Thompson
No.184 Trickle Trickle32 M.Barr & M.Burton'03/4/12小笠原マーサANI
No.183 Too Funky For Me32 Yvonne Anderson &'03/4/12Jo Thompson
No.182 One Mississippi64 Barry Amato'03/3/29大橋由紀子
No.181 Jo's Cotton Eyed Joe(*)48 Jo Thompson'03/3/29鈴木弘-
No.180 Wings64 Vivienne Scott'03/3/22Vivienne Scott-
No.179 Western Barn Dance(*)32 D.Matteis & G.O.Matteis'03/3/22富田 祐里-
No.178 Step To The Rhythm32 Vivienne Scott'03/3/22Vivienne Scott-
No.177 Country Rhythm32 Vivienne Scott'03/3/22Vivienne Scott-
No.176 Do Your Thing64 Barry & D.Anne Amato &'03/3/22馬場進一郎-
No.175 Guilty48 Masters In Line'03/3/22井口和博
No.174 Gotta Go!!!64 Chris Hodgson'03/3/22飯塚勢津子-
No.173 Scrub Shuffle20 Robin Sin'03/3/22井口和博-
No.172 Feel The Rush32 John Robinson'03/3/22井口和博-
No.171 The Funky Freeze24 Rob Fowler'03/3/22馬場進一郎-
No.170 Quirky32 Sho Botham'03/2/11八百幸紘-
No.169 7th Wonder Cha64 Daniel Whittaker'03/1/26井口和博-
No.168 Shake It32 Chris & Roxanne Kumre'03/1/26岸エミリ-
No.167 Blue Mercury48 Robert Lindsay'03/1/26カーク下山-
No.166 Stop It!48 Rob Fowler'03/1/26馬場進一郎-
No.165 Square Waltz48 Taro Takayama'03/1/26鷹山太郎-
No.164 Senorita Margarita32 Karen Hunn'03/1/26馬場進一郎
No.163 Louisiana Hot Sauce(*)32 J.Nrady & Jo Thompson'03/1/12山田香
No.162 All Aboard!(*)32 Max Perry & Jo Thompson'03/1/12山田敏一
No.161 Shake It Like That32 (Craig Cooke)'02/12/20大橋由紀子-
No.160 G*E*L32 Grant, Ember, & Lisa'02/12/06菅原遊-
No.159 Alive48 Traci Grande'02/11/24馬場進一郎-
No.158 Mas Alla64 Alan G Birchall'02/11/24馬場進一郎
No.157 Got You Too24 Kelli Haugen'02/11/24小笠原マーサ
No.156 Stradding Boots32 Hilda Crossley'02/11/24小出智加子-
No.155 Will You Love Me?32 Martin Ritchie'02/11/23原和美
No.154 S.X.E.48 Rob Fowler'02/11/23馬場進一郎
No.153 Rag Doll64 Maggie Gallagher'02/11/4大橋由紀子-
No.152 Rita's Waltz(*)24 Jo Thompson'02/11/4壷屋久美子
No.151 American Pop64 Michele Burton'02/10/19鈴木弘
No.150 Baby Once I Get You(*)64 Jo Thompson'02/9/28鈴木弘
No.149 Twist-Em(*)32 Jo Thompson'02/9/28八百幸紘
No.148 Kiss Me Honey32 Maggie Gallagher &'02/9/15堀田裕子-
No.147 Back Up Against the Wall36 Karen Hunn'02/9/15鷹山太郎-
No.146 Tomorrow Never Comes32 Karl Cregeen'02/9/15馬場進一郎
No.145 We're All Alone60 Mark & Jan Caley &'02/9/15飯塚勢津子-
No.144 D.H.S.S.32 Gaye Teather'02/9/15弦本淳
No.143 Come Dance With Me32 Jo Thompson'02/9/15井口和博
No.142 Bar Isn't It64 Michael Barr'02/8/10鈴木弘
No.141 The Outback(*)48 Gordon Elliott'02/8/10大橋由紀子-
No.140 Ghost Train(*)32 Kathy Hunyadi'02/8/10大橋由紀子-
No.139 Watermelon Crawl(*)40 Sue Lipscomb'02/8/10鈴木弘-
No.138 Ski Bumpus(*)40 Linda De Ford'02/8/10鈴木弘
No.137 Cowgirl Twist(*)32 Bill Bader'02/8/10鈴木弘
No.136 Crush56 James "JP" Potter'02/7/21大橋由紀子-
No.135 Chill Factor48 Daniel Whittaker &'02/7/21大橋由紀子
No.134 Walkin' Wazi40 Michael Callahan &'02/7/21鈴木弘-
No.133 Devine Intervention32 Nancy A. Morgan'02/7/05菅原遊
No.132 Inspector-G48 Mark Cook'02/6/02井口和博
No.131 Dixie Lullaby32 Jo Thompson'02/6/02飯塚勢津子
No.130 Blue Fever32 Daniel Whittaker'02/6/02馬場進一郎-
No.129 Shoop Shoop32 Jo Thompson'02/6/02鈴木玲子
No.128 Fais Do Do64 Michelle Chandonnet'02/6/02高島宣子-
No.127 Wishful Thinking48 Jim O'Neill'02/6/02堀田裕子-
No.126 Catch a Hip Cat48 Michele Perron'02/3/31Michael Barr
No.125 River of Dreams48 Charlotte Skeeters'02/3/31Michael Barr-
No.124 Pure Movies32 Michele Perron'02/3/31Michele Burton
No.123 Dancing Hearts48 Michael Barr'02/3/31Michael Barr-
No.121 This Woman This man48 M.Barr & M.Burton'02/3/31Michele Burton
No.120 C.C.S.32 T.Davis & J.Hammer'02/3/31大橋由紀子
No.119 Midnight Rendezvous32 M.Barr & M.Burton'02/3/31Michael Barr
No.118 Whatever32 Michael Barr'02/3/31Michael Barr
No.117 Let's Get Loud Kids32 Beth Webb'02/3/31小笠原マーサ
No.116 Hey Bruce48 Michael Barr'02/3/30Michael Barr
No.115 Wild Wild West48 J.Siebe & J.Cameron'02/3/30大橋由紀子-
No.114 Dance & Shout64 Frank Cooper'02/3/30岸エミリ-
No.113 Whiskey River Triple "T"36 Whiskey River Dancers'02/3/30菅原遊-
No.112 M.J. Moves32 M.Perron & Jo Thompson'02/3/30Michele Burton
No.111 Hasta Manana32 Charlotte Skeeters'02/3/30森紀美
No.110 Downtown Dancin'32 Jules Langstaff'02/2/15井口和博-
No.109 Do 'Ya64 Mark & Jan Caley'02/2/03井口和博-
No.108 Royal Ascot Waltz24 Stella Wilden'02/2/03水野貢-
No.107 Turbo Twang32 J.Gregory & J.Garr'02/2/03飯塚勢津子-
No.106 Remind Me32 Jean Bannister'02/2/03飯塚勢津子
No.105 Jukebox64 Jo Thompson'02/2/03岸エミリ
No.104 Cajun Slap40 Unknown'02/2/03三浦敏是-
No.103 Listen(*)32 Michael Barr'02/1/20森紀美-
No.102 TGIF32 Jo Thompson &'02/1/20大橋由紀子
No.101 Oh What A World  56 Paula Bilby'02/1/20大橋由紀子-
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS
No.100 Tiny32 Ed Lawton'02/1/19馬場進一郎-
No.99 Midnight Blue32 Peter Metelnick'02/1/19馬場進一郎-
No.98 Forever And A Day68 Patricia E.Stott'01/11/25M.Gallagher
No.97 Hot Love48 Maggie Gallagher'01/11/25M.Gallagher
No.96 Don't Let Go60 Martin Ritchie & Maggie'01/11/25M.Gallagher-
No.95 Mony Mony128 Maggie Gallagher'01/11/24M.Gallagher
No.94 Deeply Completely48 Rob Fowler'01/11/24M.Gallagher
No.93 Pick A Pocket64 Jan Wyllie'01/11/24(CF)
No.92 Dancing Violins112 Maggie Gallagher'01/11/24M.Gallagher-
No.91 Mexican Girl36 Maggie Gallagher'01/11/24M.Gallagher
No.90 Just A Memory64 John Dean & Maggie'01/11/24 M.Gallagher
No.89 You're So Naughty32 Brian Holland'01/11/24(CF)
No.88 The One For Me32 Kathy Hunyadi'01/11/24(CF)
No.87 Syncopated Rhythm(*)64 Rob & Michelle Fowler'01/11/18岸エミリ-
No.86 MMMBop32 Kelly Kaylin'01/11/18大橋由紀子
No.85 Pot Of Gold(*)64 Liam Hrycan'01/11/7鈴木弘
No.84 Prodissy(*)32 Michelle Fowler &'01/11/7神谷紀美-
No.83 Dirty Pop32 Keith Williams'01/11/3岸エミリ-
No.82 Shuffle Rock32 Max Perry'01/11/3井口和博-
No.81 Texas Is Where It's At64 Gordon Elliott &'01/11/3三浦敏是-
No.80 Choose To Dance64 Maggie Gallagher'01/11/3馬場進一郎
No.79 Plank 'Er Down32 Gerard Murphy'01/11/3小笠原マーサ
No.78 American Kix32 Vickey Valcourt'01/11/3飯塚勢津子
No.77 One Horse Town32 Alison Johnstone'01/11/3水野貢
No.76 Jai' du Boogie(*)64 Max Perry'01/10/24スージー簑田
No.75 Dizzy(*)32 Jo Thompson'01/10/21-
No.74 Quando When Quando32 Vera Fisher &'01/10/7神谷紀美-
No.73 Cruisin'(*)32 Neil Hale'01/10/7神谷紀美
No.72 Smooth Criminal64 Barry Porter &'01/9/24大橋由紀子
No.71 Four Star Boogie32 Melanie Greenwood'01/9/7菅原遊-
No.70 Slipaway32 John Robinson'01/8/5井口和博-
No.69 I Got A Girl64 Vera Fisher &'01/8/5岸エミリ
No.68 Ghost Rider Shimmey36 Hillbilly Chris'01/8/5飯塚勢津子-
No.67 The Last Dance40 Chris Hodgson'01/8/5飯塚勢津子
No.66 Now Or Never32 Kathy Hunyadi'01/8/5馬場進一郎
No.65 T-Bone Shuffle48 Peter Metelnick'01/8/5三浦敏是
No.64 7 Digits32 Morgan Ratcliffe'01/8/4M.Ratcliffe-
No.63 Jungle Freak48 Pedro Machado &'01/8/4Pedro & Morgan-
No.62 Bad Attitude32 Rachael McEnaney &'01/8/4Pedro & Morgan-
No.61 Cha Cha Slidexx Mr. C'01/8/4Pedro & Morgan-
No.60 Boom Shake40 Bob & Peyre-Ferry'01/8/4Pedro & Morgan-
No.59 Midnight Waltz48 Jo Thompson'01/7/22小笠原マーサ
No.58 Fly Like A Bird(*)32 Hedy McAdams'01/7/22神谷紀美
No.57 Uno, Dos, Tres(*)32 Sherry McClure'01/7/22高野啓子
No.56 Silk & Satin(*)32 Evelyn Khinoo'01/7/22小笠原マーサ
No.55 Go-Go Stomp(*)68 Gloria and Emmit Nelson'01/7/22小笠原マーサ
No.54 Sugar Kisses(*)48 Connie Frendt'01/7/22神谷紀美
No.53 Kool Dance(*)40 Curtis "Hoss" Marting'01/7/22高野啓子
No.52 Derailed64 Peter Metelnick'01/5/27鈴木弘
No.51 Hold Your Horses64 Tom Mickers &'01/5/27岸エミリ
No.50 Islands In The Stream32 Karen Jones'01/5/27鈴木弘
No.49 Chatahoochee48 Al Serfas'01/5/11ナツコグレース-
No.48 Kentucky chug(*)28 Unknown'01/5/11菅原遊ANI
No.47 Madelaina32 Chris Hodgson'01/5/6飯塚勢津子
No.46 Shania's Moment48 Nathan Easey'01/5/6馬場進一郎
No.45 Mambo Jambo32 Jo Thompson &'01/5/6小笠原マーサ
No.44 Swing & Jive80 Fi Scott &'01/5/6井口和博
No.43 Heartbreak Hotel32 Max Perry'01/5/6水野貢
No.42 Hot Potato48 John Robinson'01/4/30小笠原マーサ
No.41 Scooby Snax32 Chris Kumre'01/4/30鈴木弘
No.40 Hideaway Cha32 Jo Thompson &'01/4/30小笠原マーサ
No.39 Jive Walkin'48 John Robinson'01/4/30大橋由紀子
No.38 Touch Me Tonight32 John Robinson'01/4/15John Robinson
No.37 Feel The Beat32 Alan Robinson'01/4/15元木節子
No.36 Cucaracha32 Hank & M.D.Darien'01/4/15八百幸紘
No.35 Dancing In The Dark32 Jo Thompson'01/4/15John Robinson
No.34 Rose Garden(*)32 Jo Thompson'01/4/14鈴木弘
No.33 Throwdown64 John Robinson'01/4/14John Robinson
No.32 Charleston Strut32 Jo Thompson'01/4/14大橋由紀子
No.31 Down Home48 Betty Campora &'01/4/14神谷紀美
No.30 Dream On24 Rob Fowler'01/4/14小笠原マーサ
No.29 Shake Rattle & Roll48 John Robinson'01/4/6John Robinson
No.28 After Midnight32 Judy McDonald'01/3/25鈴木弘
No.27 Pizziricco(*)32 Dynamite Dot'01/3/25八百幸紘-
No.26 What's Your Name(*)64 Michael Barr'01/3/25神谷紀美
No.25 Sex Trap32 Tim Ruzgar &'01/3/25大橋由紀子-
No.24 Shalala(*)32 Dynamite Dot'01/3/25神谷紀美ANI
No.23 Dangerous64 John Robinson'01/3/25鈴木弘
No.22 Giddy Up(*)32 Jo Thompson'01/3/25大橋由紀子
No.21 Por Ti Sere(*)32 Jo Thompson'01/3/25鈴木弘
No.20 Missing You32 Gordon Elliott'01/3/25神谷紀美-
No.19 Strait Cha-Cha32 Sal Gonzalez'01/3/3
No.18 Electric Horseman(*)24 Unknown'01/3/3
No.17 LA walk24 Wiley Hicks'01/3/3ナツコグレース-
No.16 Roll Of The Dice64 Mike Sliter'01/2/12Mike Sliter-
No.15 Cajun Girls & Gumbo64 Mike Sliter'01/2/12Mike Sliter-
No.14 Bump-N-Grind48 Jo Thompson &'01/2/12Mike Sliter
No.13 Too Easy32 Mike Shannon'01/2/12Mike Sliter-
No.12 Cripple Creek48 Kip Sweeney'01/2/2エイミー(Amy)-
No.11 Cowboy Cha Cha20 Unknown'01/2/2鈴木弘
No.10 Reet Petite48 The Lady in Black'01/1/14小笠原マーサ
No.9 The Picnic Polka(*)48 David Paden'01/1/14鈴木弘ANI
No.8 Piece Of Cake(*)32 Rob Fowler'01/1/14小笠原マーサ
No.7 Cowboy Charleston(*)18 Unknown'01/1/14神谷紀美
No.6 Limbo Crazy24 Nagoya Crazy Feet'01/1/14八百幸紘-
No.5 Strokin'(*)24 Unknown'01/1/14大橋由紀子-
No.4 "X" out32 Scott Lanius'01/1/5菅原遊-
No.3 Tush Push(*)40 Jim Ferrazzano'00/12/1
No.2 Slapping Leather(*)40 Gayle Brandon'00/11/28飯塚勢津子
No.1 Electric Slide(*)18 Unknown'00/11/28飯塚勢津子
No.ダンス名stepchoreographer レッスン指導ESS

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