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TAKESHITA Shinichi Ph.D.

  Assistant Professor

 Agricultural Environmental Systems Division
  Department of Regional Agricultural Systems
  Faculty of Agriculture

  University of Miyazaki

ACADEMIC RECORD B.S 1998 Faculty of AgriCulture, Ehime University
M.S 2000 Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University
Dr.Agr.2004  Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Society The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering
Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources
The Society of Agricultural Meteorology of Japan
Meteorological Society of Japan

Japan Rainwater Catchment Systems Association
Key Words of research Hydrology
IE-Model,Remoto Sensing, Irrigaton Ponds, Multi-functions of Agriculture
Long-term Runoff Analsys,Long-Term Property of Rainfall and Temperature,Evapotranspiration
○Shinichi TAKESHITA,Toru MITSUNO:2005
Secular Variation in the Property of Daily Rainfall at Kyoto basin,J.Jpan Soc.Hydrol.& Water Resour., Vol.18,No,pp-,(in Japanese with English summary).
○Shinichi TAKESHITA,Keiji TAKASE:2003
Development of a Long-Term Runoff Model including Evapotranspiration Sub-model,J.Jpan Soc.Hydrol.& Water Resour., Vol.16,No.1,pp.23-32,(in Japanese with English summary).
○Shinichi TAKESHITA,Keiji TAKASE,Katsuaki IHARA:2001
Development of Long-Term Runoff Model including Infiltraton Sub-Model,J.JSIDRE,212,pp.71-77,(in Japanese with English summary).