Typical parts of Christmas in Canada are gathering with family and friends and exchanging gifts. Most of us view it as cultural holiday argumentrather than a religious occasion. The most obvious change in Christmas tradition in recent years is a Christmas tree which is the centerpiece of the biggest holiday of the year : Artificial/plastic trees are becoming very popular. Although I miss the family tradition of going into the forest to find a perfect spruce or fur, I purchased an artificial tree a few years ago because it is lighter, cleaner, easier to handle.... We all are very conscious of the environment. There is a big  argument about " which type of Christmas tree is worse for the environment?  Real tree or fake ?"

Congratulation for completing Home Page 2019. Wish you a wonderful year 2020.

-------Haruyo Konishi Hazelton BC, Canada

Dear Prof. Takeuchi and Coffee Break friends,

This year has been unusual in the number of natural disasters mainly to climate change in many countries, especially in Japan and also in Australia.

Here, after a year of drought, the summer has become very hot (40 - 50 degrees) in many places.  Fires have started everywhere and with the strong winds they  are almost impossible to control.Many people have suffered and lost their houses.

We pray that the New Year will be better, that rain will come and the fires will stop.

 With our best wishes for the New Year.


----Claus & Michiko Jehne (Armidale, NSW, Australia)

Thank you once again for your updated Home Page.

 The scenes from the gardens are beautiful as you move into the colours of autumn. We hope you have avoided any damage from the seasonal storms and cyclones.

Because of the media coverage about the Rugby World Cup the weather conditions in Japan received some focus.

Japan hosted the World Cup extremely well and the Japanese team performed above expectations.

The Spring/early Summer time in New Zealand is with us and our vegetables are growing well. We will have plenty of fresh vegetables for this Christmas.

---Robin Mann, Christcchurch, New Zealand---

Thank you again for your Homepage Update today.      What a great day to be out and about, to celebrate the 93rd birthday of "young Tak" 

The autumn colours at the Aboretum are very spectacular.  I also did not realise how large and area that botanical garden covered

It was so pleasing to read that you were assisted by two of your students, Tak, as wells the amazing Rumi.   It was also encouraging to read that you had made the decision to walk for part of your journey, and to take photos


It is so good to get your homepage update each month - and Kate and I hope you can keep that tradition going for many more editions.     I remember your write up on the Kaze no Bon Festival photos and stories.  It is good to read that again - even the years that have passed since then, have not changed our enjoyment of this posting.

This September, maybe you will be enjoying the stories of the Rugby World Cup being held in your beautiful country.


It was exciting to see the All Blacks win against South Africa, in their first game of the Rugby World Cup.

BUT, for me, it was so good to see the All Black team all bow to their Japanese hosts and fans, as soon as they had won.   Here is a photo of that bow.


We hope you and Rumi are still safe and well?   The Typhoon was very fierce, but I hope was confined to eastern Japan.  

And what EXCITEMENT last night when your rugby team beat Scotland and will now be in the quarterfinals- a big game next weekend now against South Africa.  

i---Tom Gregg, Christcchurch, New Zealand---

 Tak,  your rice planting pictures inSasayama brings back fond memories of the rice fields round our apartment in Mukonoso so long ago.              

I especially enjoyed the fountains and splendid roses of Rikyu Koen.  I have just bought  two new roses Friesia a lovely fragrant yellow and Evelyn a fragrant David Austin .

Winter has brought a week of freezing cold days with more to come!

---Jocelyn Fifield, Christchurch, New Zealand---


We wish 2020 will be a happy year for you all.
Christmas decoration at our home
Best Wishes
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year
Shizuo & Rumiko Takeuchi
Coffee Break