Tsuyu, rainy season in Japan, is the most uncomfortable, gloomy time in a year . What is worse, coronavirus spread makes us feel oppressive atmosphere.
However, this is the best season for the vegetation. All the plants look lively and thrive with plenty of water. We hope to enjoy the season and the vegetation.

.I hope you and the vice editor are doing well!

Thank you for the hydrangea pictures and essays.

 Tsuyu blesses  the vegetation and us from long ago.

In looking at that flowers, I feel Hydragea rain is graceful and vivid name compared with Plum rain.

 ----Liebe, Yokohama, Japan---------

Thank you indeed for the July HP page:  “Flowers in the Rainy Season”.

 Sadly, there seems to be no end of disasters to cope with at present:

The Second Wave of the virus pandemic and the severe flooding in Southern Japan

are causing havoc and distress.

Let us hope and trust that we shall be able to enjoy a few months of peace and calm 

in at least our natural environment soon.


 Okinawa, the best and healthiest place on earth !  With more than 450 persons living there over the age of 100 years.

 -------Claus & Michiko Jehne, Armidale, Australia --------- -

You are very observant. It must have been very exciting to witness the birth of a dragonfly. Thanks for showing the rare photos.

Despite economic reopening and lockdown restrictions loosening, the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over in Canada. An interesting and very visible social change is happening here: an attitude toward mask-wearing is quickly changing. Mask -wearing is not an accepted practice here. At the beginning of the pandemic most of people including scientists were skeptical of effectiveness of masks and mask-wearers got funny looks , even ridiculed. Finally realizing the seriousness of the situation and being convinced by Japan's success in combating COVID-19, now we are recommended to wear masks for an extra protection where social distancing is impossible, even mandatory in some areas of Canada. I am amazed by the increase of the number of mask-wearers. And some of them look very fashionable with extra color and elaborate shape.

I heard an interesting comment on TV by a reporter (I think he is a reporter) talking about why Japan has got off so easily against Covid-19:  The virus might be more easily transmitted in certain languages, (e.g. English, Chinese, Spanish ) than Japanese, because of how much breathing in and out is needed to produce those language's common sounds. Don't you think It is about the time everybody starts speaking beautiful , “spitless” Japanese to prevent further spread of the virus?

-----------------Haruyo Konishi Hazelton BC, Canada----------------

 So good to hear from you two again, and to see your Homepage for the flowers in your rainy season.  We were very impressed that you managed to walk around the gardens in Rokko Mountains, Tak - very impressive

You are right, that Covid-19 virus has completely changed what has been our previous normal life.  While we are now out of the most restrictive parts of our lockdown, our borders will remain closed for some time.  That means there can be no tourists (a big industry for NZ).      

Also, every year for the last 13 years, Kate and I have travelled to Ireland for two months with our son and his family there, but that is also not possible this year - it will be the first winter we have had for those past 13 years.   Not sure we will enjoy THAT.

--Tom and Kate Gregg, Christchurch, New Zealand ---

How are you both?  I hope all is well and you are coping with the virus situation.

 NZ is almost back to normal, although the borders are still closed. I am fine, enjoying crisp winter days working in the garden.

-------Noela Knight, Christchurch, New Zealand-------

Lovely to hear you are both well.You will be enjoying the spring blossoms each day.

New Zealand is in a state of Lockdown for the last two weeks so I have been confined to the house . Julie gets any shopping for me but no other visitors.

.I can go walking close to home but keep two metres away from any one I might meet .I fill my days with gardening reading housework and walks.

All the shops except the supermarkets and chemists are shut,only essential service are open.This seems to me successful as there has been only one death and the number of new cases are dropping to only 25, today.

Julie is working from home as she has Mitchell at home as all schools are closed. I am fine.stay well, stay safe.

-------Jocelyn Fifield, Christchurch, New Zealand-------


Flowers in the Rainy Season

In our garden plants are growing in this season and small insects are moving actively.
One day we found a dragonfly was hatching from a larva. In a pond.we saw a frog,.

All the arboretum was taken all possible measures to avoid coronavirus spread.
Many people were enjoying the flowers taking social distance

We walked gradually and took rest so often because Tak went the way without using the wheel chair.

One day at the end of June we visited Kobe Municipal Arboretum in Rokko Mountains . We enjoyed the beautiful sights of hydrangea. Hydrangea is the city flower of Kobe, our town, and we citizens specially love the flower. You may see hydrangea at many places in this season, but we love the flowers in the forest. We were happy to enjoy the various kinds of hydrangea.

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