Best Wishes
A Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year
Christmas decoration at our home & masks we used during 2020.
We sincerely wish corona virus may disappear in the world
       2021 will be a happy year for you all

- Thank you for sharing your day on Mt. Rokko. Your Home Page is so well edited that I feel like I was enjoying the fall color with you, Rumi-san and your old students.

The only autumn color in my garden was a dogwood. Its colorful leaves were blown away on the first stormy day of the season. The symbols of fall here are hundreds and thousands of dead salmons along the river that completed mysterious life cycle and a mountain of kelp washed up on the shore – spectacular sights!

Despite of the wet and cold weather and the second wave of Covid, I am enjoying my life. My passion right now is watercolor painting - nice diversion from my usual black and white portraits of people and dogs.

Looking forward to December Home Page.

 ---------------Haruyo Konishi Hazelton BC, Canada---------------- --

◎Thanks you indeed for your report of your excursion to capture the beautiful autumn colours  

at Mt. Rokko, near your home.

Every day we see the news of the worrying increases of COVI 19 cases in the cities in Japan.  

 However, I am sending you a report of something unusual.

It has been discovered that the fur of the unique Australian proto-mammal the Platpus glows green when exposed to Ultra-violet light.  

It has excited biologist to discover the role of this fact in the evolution of animals.

The Mystery of The Platypus Deepens With The Discovery of Its Biofluorescent Fur   CARLY CASSELLA  31 OCTOBER 2020 Scientists are seeing the Australian platypus in a whole new light.
main article image

Under an ultraviolet lamp, this bizarre-looking creature appears even more peculiar than normal, glowing a soft, greenish-blue hue instead of the typical brown we are used to seeing.


Thank you for your reply.

Every day we watch the NHK Japanese National News from Tokyo and

we wonder if stronger measures cannot be applied to stop the pandemic.

 We did have a terrible 2nd Wave in Melbourne recently, which required the whole city to be “locked down”.

Now suddenly there is a ‘hot-spot’ with 22 infected people in Adelaide and the response this morning

was to ‘lock down the whole city for 6 days.  Everyone has to stay at home all the time.

Only one person per household is allowed to leave the house to do some essential shopping for food.


Thankfully, Armidale Town is virus free and we are able to enjoying life as before.

However, if we want to travel, we need the check what restrictions are in place.  


However, the other day we experienced a very severe hailstorm

With best wishes to you, your family and your international Coffee Break Colleagues.

  -------Claus & Michiko Jehne, Armidale, Australia --------- -

 We are pleased to read that you enjoyed your autumn walkin the Kobe Arboretum to view the seasonal flowers.  From the photos we can observe that it was a popular destination for many other nature and music lovers as well.

I would like to contribute another orchid photo. The Queen of Sheba (Theylmitra variegata) is a rare native orchid  which only grows wild in the South-West corner of Western Australia.


  Despite the virus emergency, we are well and busy as usual:  Social activities in our Retirement Village, visiting family and teaching about GUT HEALTH at the U3A (生涯教育センター).I am also enjoying our GATEBALL activities. 

 Please keep well, healthy and safe.

   -------Claus & Michiko Jehne, Armidale, Australia --------- -

 ◎A Happy Autumn! Your Home Page is full of joy of the cool season. I am very glad to know that you are strong enough to visit Mt. Rokko and show us the autumn scenery. How I wish I could grow bush clovers in my backyard. Many years ago, my high school math teacher Kannda Sennsei sent me bush clover seeds. They germinated easily but did not survive the Canadian winter although I applied deep mulch around them.

When you are welcoming the fall season after the blazing heat, we are saying a sad farewell to the summer here in Canada. Our summer is beautiful, generally not too hot. It is our most favorite time of year. Saying goodbye to summer is very hard to do for us, especially this year: most of us “snowbirds” had to cancel plans to go south, as the Canada-Us border is closed to non-essential travel to help stop the spread of COVIT-19.

I read with interest Claus and Michiko's mail about the rare orchid. I also have an underground orchid story. One early summer day when I came home from school (I was a grade 3 or 4 student, early 1950s) my mother could not wait to tell me about her encounter with something beautiful blue/purple during ploughing on our small farm in Okayama Prefecture. She could not record it because most of Japanese did not have a camera in that difficult post-war period. All I could see was a small grey mushy pile, but I am sure my mother discovered a rare specimen of terrestrial orchid!

-----------------Haruyo Konishi Hazelton BC, Canada----------------

 Thank you for your excellent work on keeping us in touch with your Homepage.  Kate and I enjoy reading them, and enjoy hearing from you both.    It is always interesting to see how the changes in season can make a difference to your lives.

It was great to read how, with cooler autumn temperatures, you were able to get to visit Rokko Mountains, and to see the return of some favourite plants, and to take a walk..   It was interesting for us to see the high school musical ensemble, which you would both have enjoyed.     

 Also, we were pleased that (with Rumi's assistance now), our old friend Tak could take a  walk on the mountain track, and along the Lane of Autumn Flowers.    That would bring back fond memories.

We are fine here in Christchurch, as life gets back to being more normal in NZ.  The main difference still is that, with our borders still closed, we don't get to see international tourists, and there are no overseas students coming to our universities, at this time.

 --Tom and Kate Gregg, Christchurch, New Zealand ---

Thank youThank you for your interesting views of the       Flowers on Rocco. Mountain. You did well to make that walk Tak.My garden is full of beautiful flowering  rhododendrons and camellias at the moment and keeps me very busy.Keep well and keep safe ,

----Jocelyn Fifield, Christchurch, New Zealand-------

.I hope you and the vice editor are doing well!

Thank you for the hydrangea pictures and essays.

 Tsuyu blesses  the vegetation and us from long ago.

In looking at that flowers, I feel Hydragea rain is graceful and vivid name compared with Plum rain.

 ----Liebe, Yokohama, Japan---------

So good to hear from you two again, and to see your Homepage for the flowers in your rainy season.  We were very impressed that you managed to walk around the gardens in Rokko Mountains, Tak - very impressive

How are you both?  I hope all is well and you are coping with the virus situation.

 NZ is almost back to normal, although the borders are still closed. I am fine, enjoying crisp winter days working in the garden.

-------Noela Knight, Christchurch, New Zealand-------


Shizuo & Rumiko Takeuchi
Coffee Break