Green Forest
Near the pond we were so happy to find the rhododendron in full bloom. We had given up to meet the rhododendron whose flower season was over. Maybe this was a western rhododendron.

This flower reminds Tak of his young days in Seattle, whose City flower is Rhododendron. He also remembers a lady in Christchurch, NZ, who has a great passion for the flower.

We so a white calmia, too.

We came home with very happy and fresh feeling to see the green leaves and beautiful flowers.
On 22nd May, we visited Kobe Municipal Arboretum in Mt. Rokko which was closed for Colona-virus Emergency and reopend on 18th May.
.Mr & Mrs Oyama,both are Tak's old students, visited with us.

Tak did'nt use a wheel chair and walked by his own legs taking rest so often. He wished to take good pictures.

We were happy to see all the mountain was covered by the fresh green leaves. On the way we saw the staff persons trimming the rhododendron whose flowering season was over.

How are you both?  I hope all is well and you are coping with the virus situation.

 NZ is almost back to normal, although the borders are still closed. I am fine, enjoying crisp winter days working in the garden.

-------Noela Knight, Christchurch, New Zealand-------

Thanks you for showing us around Kobe Municipal Arboretum. I am so glad your legs seem getting stronger.

Despite new cases and death reported every day, Canada is very slowly loosening the Corona restrictions. I drove by the Elementary school this morning and noticed the school is finally open. It is hard to imagine how teachers and students are struggling to follow the strict rule of "2 meters social distance".

With 212 Covit-19 casualties (June11, 2020) per million people, Canada's death rate is more than 30-hold of Japan. I read an interesting article "Japanese Approach to Covit-19 is an amazing sucess" by Gustav Strandell (JAPAN  FORWARD) . To quote Gustav Strandell: I keep looking for news articles in Japan with the title "The Japanese approach to this terrible pandemic is an amazing success" They are nowhere to be seen.......It’s Japan’s coordinated response, based on science and advice from world-class medical healthcare professionals, that has kept the death rate at a minimum by any international standards.........Watching any TV channel or social media in Japan today will quickly make you think that the country is heading for disaster. This is just not true. Japan should be proud of what has been achieved up until now.....

I agree: Japan should be proud of the success.

-----------------Haruyo Konishi Hazelton BC, Canada----------------


Thank you for your recent Home Page with the beautiful photos of the nature of early summer in your area.

Here of course the seasonal climate has become cooler with the beautiful autmn colours in the trees although, because of the virus situation,people have other concerns on their mind.

However, we are pleased to report that many of the local travel restriction are starting to be lifted. However, I wonder when we may be able to visit Japan again ……………

.In the meantime, here is photo of Mt Fuji in all its splendor.

 -------Claus & Michiko Jehne, Armidale, Australia ---------

Thank you again for your update, and your excellent homepage.   Your home garden looks very good and will give you both great pleasure.   For us, of course, we are just entering winter here. Normally, we would be heading to Ireland for their summer, but not this year. 

We are also still in lockdown here in Christchurch.    Kate and I are in our own “bubble” at home.  Kate is our “shopper” and goes to the supermarket once each week. We also walk for around 50 minutes each day ; We keep in touch with family and friends by phone and video calls, including those in Ireland.  

NZ seems to be making progress against the virus. We have had only 21 deaths here thanks to strict lockdown rules, and only 2 new cases today. 

Anyway, my friends, you two keep safe and well, as we all wait for this unusual period to be over. 

---Tom and Kate Gregg, Christchurch, New Zealand ---

Lovely to hear you are both well.You will be enjoying the spring blossoms each day.

New Zealand is in a state of Lockdown for the last two weeks so I have been confined to the house . Julie gets any shopping for me but no other visitors.

.I can go walking close to home but keep two metres away from any one I might meet .I fill my days with gardening reading housework and walks.

All the shops except the supermarkets and chemists are shut,only essential service are open.This seems to me successful as there has been only one death and the number of new cases are dropping to only 25, today.

Julie is working from home as she has Mitchell at home as all schools are closed. I am fine.stay well, stay safe.

-------Jocelyn Fifield, Christchurch, New Zealand-------


Coffee Break
We arrived at Haseike pond. Many people were enjoying iris closed to the pond.

Yellow flowers of green snaps and pure white flowers of water lilies on the pond were so cute and beautiful.