Sorry for the late reply to your updated Home Page on the 6th May and your letter of concern for our well-being dated the 16th May.

We are both alive and well here in Armidale, where they have just been a few cases of the virus reported.  

 Many restrictions have been placed on us by the Retirement Village  Management because the advanced average age of the residents here.

 Nevertheless, the Government has relaxed the travelling restrictions  and we have been able to go and see our some and 4 of the grandchildren for the past two weekends.  That was very enjoyable.

 It seems that the virus situation in Japan is still very acute, so please take great care care of your health and that of yourfamily.  

-------Claus & Michiko Jehne, Armidale, Australia ---------

Thank you  
for your Homepage update. I enjoyed your old photos, especially Rumi blowing on the white puffball of a dandelion seedhead. She looks like a five years old girl with pink fat cheeks. Did she close her eyes , make a wish before blowing the seeds into the air?I wonder if her wish of 12 years ago has come true.

Although Quebec( eastern province in Canada ) is now one of the deadliest place in the world for daily coronavirus deaths, the situation in British Columbia (western province) where I live is considered as under control and has started loosening up restrictions at beginning of May. The first welcome sign I noticed was the disappearance of the ugly yellow tape blocking off the entrance to the trail. Now I and my dog can enjoy a daily walk along the beautiful Pacific rim. I look forward to the days when we do not see the signs :” Stop the spread.... Stay safe. Stay home.”

-------Haruyo Konishi Hazelton. BC, Canada--------- 

Thank you again for your update, and your excellent homepage.   Your home garden looks very good and will give you both great pleasure.   For us, of course, we are just entering winter here. Normally, we would be heading to Ireland for their summer, but not this year. 

We are also still in lockdown here in Christchurch.    Kate and I are in our own “bubble” at home.  Kate is our “shopper” and goes to the supermarket once each week. We also walk for around 50 minutes each day ; We keep in touch with family and friends by phone and video calls, including those in Ireland.  

NZ seems to be making progress against the virus. We have had only 21 deaths here thanks to strict lockdown rules, and only 2 new cases today. 

Anyway, my friends, you two keep safe and well, as we all wait for this unusual period to be over. 

---Tom and Kate Gregg, Christchurch, New Zealand ---

Lovely to hear you are both well.You will be enjoying the spring blossoms each day.

New Zealand is in a state of Lockdown for the last two weeks so I have been confined to the house . Julie gets any shopping for me but no other visitors.

.I can go walking close to home but keep two metres away from any one I might meet .I fill my days with gardening reading housework and walks.

All the shops except the supermarkets and chemists are shut,only essential service are open.This seems to me successful as there has been only one death and the number of new cases are dropping to only 25, today.

Julie is working from home as she has Mitchell at home as all schools are closed. I am fine.stay well, stay safe.

-------Jocelyn Fifield, Christchurch, New Zealand-------


Coffee Break
Children’s Day falls on May 5th, and this is one of the most popularly celebrated national holidays.. Carp, samurai, irises, oak trees, and bamboos all symbolize strength. Parents prepare these decorations and foods with the earnest wish that their children may grow up to be healthy

It is sad that today we find difficulty in seeing the carp streamer which we could find lots in the old days. It may come from the declining birthrate or/and indifference toward traditional culture among young parents.

On the 5th of May, 2018, we were so happy to find the carp streamers in Ohgo, .rural village located in north of Kobe.
Early Summer
Corona virus epidemic has completly changed our life. We are required to stay
home not to go out. We are happy to look out the small garden and enjoy the change of the seasons looking at the blossom and little birds.


At the end of April, when looking at the garden we saw the white eye and bulbul
sucking nactar of the cherry blossom. Carp in the pond were swimming calmly not
knowing suffering of human being.

To keep health we take a walk evryday. Fortunately there are some parks in our living area. One day of early summer we went to Gamaike Park and enjoy beauty of early summer..Azaleas were going to bloom and we enjoyed pure beauty of the flower..