Glad to hear you are getting vaccinated soon. I am also hoping to be done soon.

All is well here. Winter is arriving. Interesting times ahead for Japan with the upcoming Olympics.

Wishing you both all the best.

----------Noela Knight, Christchurch, New Zealand----

 Thank you for your Home Page with pictures of your excursion to the Kobe Arboretum.   

Here the Autumn Season has started and the weather is getting much colder.



When walking through the parks and enjoying the blaze of colours, we can forget

(only for a short time) the problems of the Corona Virus everywhere in the world.



am very happy
to know you are enjoying the season. The photos of Mt. Rokko and your garden are beautiful, full of fresh atmosphere of the early summer.

Coronavirus is still spreading here and we are living under many restrictions. Although I personally am enjoying a fairy normal life ( gardening , painting/ drawing, trail walking with my dog, etc.) , the news is full of depressing stories of Stay-Home Corona side effect, especially drug abuse.

I told you that marijuana was legalized in 2018 in Canada. There are three cannabis shops in this small peaceful seaside town where I live. And my neighbor is a computer technician serving the marijuana industry. His family lives on the luxurious property. I think marijuana business is doing well thanks for the pandemic. Only a couple of years ago simple possession of it was criminal offense. Now we can even invest in marijuana stocks. Interesting change.....

Looking forward to June Home Page.

 -------- Haruyo Konishi Hazelton BC, Canada----------

 So very good to hear from you both today.   We have been wondering how you are getting on through this serious pandemic.     I do hope that you soon get called up for your vaccination.    It seems, from the news we get here, that the virus spread is quite serious now in Japan. Kate and I are fine here in Christchurch.   Our nation has been very lucky to quickly control the spread of Covid here, as so, except for the borders being closed, we live a fairly normal life.

Please take great care of yourselves, tomodachi.

 ------- Tom and Kate, Christchurch, NZ----------

I hope you and your family are doing well.

Thank you for the pictures of blooming flowers and a green garden. I'm jealous of your own cherry blossom in the garden:) I really enjoyed the Japanese page in addition to the English page and  I could feel both the smell of tide and the pink wind blowing.

Particularly, the photo of the blue sea was pretty good for me. That the small boat on the Seto Irand sea made me want to eat fresh fish!

Well, I walked around the mushi-road this middy.

The sky is blue and the sunshine is strong, and it feels like the beginning of summer in the air. I can't believe how fast the spring goes.

I'm looking forward to reading the upcoming wonderful photo and article.

The attachment is the park thoughout the Mushi road

The attached is the distsnt view of Mushi-road.

----Liebe, Yokohama, Japan---------

Yes! We need a kind and strong Oni who would eradicate Covit-19. In Canada average daily Covit death is about 150 for the last few days.

 When the rest of Canada is suffering from the extreme cold temperature, we have had a very mild weather here in the Pacific north west . Through the winter I have enjoyed many flowers, jasmines, hellebores, prim roses,,,,, Some of hardy fuchsias have stayed beautiful and have kept feeding hummingbird. For the last few days beautiful colorful skies have entertained me – sure sign of spring. The photos I am sending you are my watercolor. I have been trying to capture the constantly changing color of clouds and water .

 This Christmas I received a Rubik cube and murder-mystery books (Stieg Larsson). Both are perfect gifts for my rainy day.( I still love murder-mystery. Your fault! Many , many years ago at high school you introduced me to Agatha Chrisie.) I came across a couple interesting things in his books – The heroin of the book Lisbeth Salander is an odd girl but has super brain, especially in math and computer.

 1;Lisbeth solved Rubik cube in 45 minutes. ( It took me about ten days. )

 2: Lisbeth solved Fermat's Last Theorem after a few days. ( I could not get even a long, elementary proof . ) Do you remember your “Last lesson” which you and Mrs Kanda gave to us old Fukiai students of 60-70 years old? ? Mrs Kanda's topic was Fermat's Last Theory - The equation x^3+Y^3=z^3 has no integer solution. I think about Mrs Kanda often.

 I am looking forward to March Home Page




Coffee Break
Early Summer in our garden
Early Summer
In our garden we were happy to enjoy rhododendron in full bloom. This flower reminded Tak of his young days in Seattle, whose City flower is Rhododendron. He also remembered a lady in Christchurch, NZ, who has a great passion for the flower.
We arrived at Haseike pond..and took a rest enjoying the fresh green of the trees

One day in late April, we visited Kobe Municipal Arboretum in Mt. Rokko. All the mountain was covered by the young, fresh green leaves.

Tak was happy to walk by wheelchair by Rumi and Toshio, Tak's old student,
Corona virus epidemic has completly changed our life. We are required to stay
home not to go out. We are happy to look out the small garden and enjoy the change of the seasons looking at the blossom and little birds.


You will see the cuty IChina asters
We could enjoy beauty of rhododendron and Japanese rose (kerria) .
We also saw the kind of walnut. You can see Tak in wheel chair.