My name is Shizuo Takeuchi, which means in Japanese 'Quiet Husband in Bamboo'. You may imagine a quiet, obedient husband living in a humble cottage made of bamboo. I don't think you can pronounce my name correctly so please call me just 'Tak'.

Gardening is another hobby of mine and I liked the orchid once, but with the increasing age I have come to like the simple and plain wild grasses and flowers.Since I have suffered from lower-back pain, it is difficult to enjoy gardening. I look out the small garden and enjoy the view as it changes from season to season. Two carp in the pond are our friends for these 30 years.

Left : Sonoda Christchurch Campus / Right : The City of Christchurch at dusk before earthquake (Left : Cathedral)
It is really regrettable that Cathedral, symbol of Christchurch, destroyed by big earthquake in February 2011. Fortunately SCC was safe.

After retirement from public education in Kobe. I had been working at Sonoda Women's University for 12 years. I was happy to have been involved in the establishment of Sonoda Campus at Christchurch in New Zealand. And I finished my second round at the end of March 1999. I was asked to work as a member of directors of Sonoda Gakuen Corporation. I tried to fulfill my responsibilities by attending the meeting and visiting University,college, high schools and kindergartens,time to time. At the end of May 2013, I retired from directorship. Now I am copletely free...

Left : Young Tak, at the age of 32, in Seattle /Right .The City of Seattle today (Front : Space Needle

I am slow in ripening in everything but have a burning curiosity about anything new.

Having started to learn skiing in my fifties, the camera in sixties and the computer in seventies. When younger, I liked mountain hiking but I am a little old to enjoy outdoor activities now. Walking had been my hobby and also my way of staying healthy, though recently I found it difficult to walk continuously.


With my dear wife, I created my own website 17 years ago and this is the combination of my hobbies above mentioned. I am happy many friends visit our site and enjoy the beautiful nature, traditional events and culture of Japan.

I resigned from my position on the board of directors at Sonoda in May 2013 at the age of 86 and has at last arrived at the happy goal of the life, sparing more time and energy in editing our home pages with the kind, severe sometimes, support and advice of my dear wife, Rumi.
In 2020I arrived at the age of 94,. I have felt a decline in stamina and energy and found it difficult to edit homepage.Still I would like to continue because this is the last hobby and the means of communicaton with my dear friends.

Photo; Tak and Rumi at the garden, January 4th, 2021

I was a teacher of English language. Started from junior high teacher in my home town,I have experienced high school teaching in Kobe for15 years, and worked in Kobe City Board of Education as a supervisor for 8 years. Fortunately I had the precious opportunity to work at the high school in Seattle, USA, as the exchange teacher 1969-70. I was appointed to principal of high schools and I had been happy for ten years because I could develop the educational innovation at two schools.Particularly I am proud that I promoted the international Education at Fukiai High School together with many colleagues.