We visited Kobe Municipal Arboretum in Rokko Mountains on13th, September. Tak's walking ability has extremly been failing and he walked slowly pushing a walker .

First we walked along Lane of Bush Clover, where we enjoyed hagi (bush clover} blooming. We have never seen such beautiful bush clover in our lives.

Our ancestors appreciated bush clover as number one autumn flowers and we find many poems written of bush clover in classic literature.



I hope you two are doing well in all these Covid pandemic times. Look after yourselves. 

Today, Kate and I  were in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens, and found this fine tree.    It reminded us of you two there, and my memory of being at the Sakura Festival at Himaji Castle. 

---------- Tom and Kate, Christchurch, NZ-------

Thank for your homepage that we look forward in receiving.

It always has interesting content to cheer us up,including the news from your international  readers.  

Here the Covid situation is changing slowly, and sudden ‘lock-downs'  of different city and country regions are a daily occurrence.

The region next to Armidale is in lock-down just when we were going to visit children and grandchildren for a family celebration —  4 birthdays: 20th, 21st and 22nd September.

At present we are enjoying early spring weather and many trees are in blossom in our garden:  Magnolia, Crab-apple and Wisteria.

With our warmest best wishes,

----------- Claus &Michiko Jehne,  Armidale, NSW, Australia

 Thank you for sharing your hydrangea experience. It is easy to imagine you were immersing yourself among the flowers. Hydrangeas are perfect flowers for the Japanese rainy season from June to August and getting both warmer and drier for the last few years. I am slowly converting my garden to native drought-tolerant plants with deep root systems and succulents with parts that are thickened and fleshy to retain water. But it is hard to say goodbye to rhododendrons, roses, climates, hydrangeas......

While we have grown accustomed to wildfires for the last few years, the severity of the heat wave of the last week here on the north west of North America was beyond our imagination: the interiohis province recorded 49.6 C on June 29, Canada's all-time record. And the wildfire has come after this extreme heat in the region. It is still burning, forcing many families to flee.

 ------ Haruyo Konishi HazeltonBC, Canada----------

I hope you are doing well.

Thank you for sharing  adorable pictures. The green leaves and white flowers look moist touch andthe rainy smell came wafting in.

 We cope with this weather every year, but I wonder the plants are insects loves these days.

I have been working at home for over a year like many businesses person. There are a lot of changes and findings through this experience.

For example, How I didn't use the words correctly. Sometimes I just omitted the subject and object, it caused serious misunderstandings for my colleagues and We were about to be late for the deadline! For now, we have 15 minutes regular meeting with small members every morning. It is said that Japan has very high context culture and easy to keep the stable relationship, however, it seems that it has changed little by little. Frankly speaking, it is not cup of my tea, but I will accept and adjust these variations.

On the other hand, I can find the good things. I never get tired of looking at the sky through the window every day.The flowers are growing up every hour and the clouds are different every seconds!

I want to make small discoveries and I want to learn the names of flowers and birds on your page. It must be totally fantastic dictionally for me!

 I am looking forward to meeting you and your family when I will visit to Kobe!

 The attached is 'Manyo no mori vallay' in Yugawara onsen,Kanagawa prefectire. I enjoyd walking  with my beloved hasband last week.

 ----Liebe, Yokohama, Japan---------

iThanks again for your Homepage and photographs of the beginning of your rainy season.  We always enjoy learning more about your seasons, traditions,  and activities.

So good to see that you two are still getting out for a walk, even with the worrying Covid impacts there, and all that has caused and is causing in Japan.   This worldwide  pandemic is far from over yet.     

 We had news on our TV last night about the ongoing plans for the Olympics in Tokyo, even in this time of the spreading of Covid, and the world-wide advice to avoid large gatherings of people, avoid crossing borders unless necessary, and only having activities that are essential.   

 For us here, we can see no sense in the world taking such a risk,  just for the sake of what is probably simply the possible financial impact of cancellation on the Olympic Committee.   It seemed from the story here yesterday, that the vast majority of New Zealand's people believe it is a "reckless decision" to proceed with the Games at this time, even though cancellation will disappoint many of our athletes

 Anyway, please keep safe (and dry) you two, and we look forward to your next Homepage effort.

 ------- Tom and Kate, Christchurch, NZ-------

◎Glad to hear you are getting Vaccinate soon. Iam also hoping to be done soon

All is well here. Winter is arriving. Interesting times ahead for Japan with the upcoming Olympics.

Wishing you both all the best.

----------Noela Knight, Christchurch, New Zealand----

Yes! We need a kind and strong Oni who would eradicate Covit-19. In Canada average daily Covit death is about 150 for the last few days.

 When the rest of Canada is suffering from the extreme cold temperature, we have had a very mild weather here in the Pacific north west . Through the winter I have enjoyed many flowers, jasmines, hellebores, prim roses,,,,, Some of hardy fuchsias have stayed beautiful and have kept feeding hummingbird. For the last few days beautiful colorful skies have entertained me – sure sign of spring. The photos I am sending you are my watercolor. I have been trying to capture the constantly changing color of clouds and water .

 This Christmas I received a Rubik cube and murder-mystery books (Stieg Larsson). Both are perfect gifts for my rainy day.( I still love murder-mystery. Your fault! Many , many years ago at high school you introduced me to Agatha Chrisie.) I came across a couple interesting things in his books – The heroin of the book Lisbeth Salander is an odd girl but has super brain, especially in math and computer.

 1;Lisbeth solved Rubik cube in 45 minutes. ( It took me about ten days. )

 2: Lisbeth solved Fermat's Last Theorem after a few days. ( I could not get even a long, elementary proof . ) Do you remember your “Last lesson” which you and Mrs Kanda gave to us old Fukiai students of 60-70 years old? ? Mrs Kanda's topic was Fermat's Last Theory - The equation x^3+Y^3=z^3 has no integer solution. I think about Mrs Kanda often.

 I am looking forward to March Home Page




Coffee Break
Autumn Mountain
We walked on hearing themurmur of asmall stream and arived at Haseike Pond. We were happy to have the nice autumn day.
We walked to the pond taking a rest now and then.

We found fujibakama (thoughwart ) in full bloom.
Then we visited Lane of Autumn Flowers. It was impossible for Tak to walk along the mountain path and he asked Rumi to take pictures of the autumn flowers.

She found such autumn flowers as ominaeshi (yellow patrinia) and nambangiseru(aeginefia indica).